Just War Theory taught at RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbs, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Not that it comes as much of a surprise to most officers that this is taught at RMAS but the idea that we are only just getting around to teaching it is a bit frustrating.

    Princes get ethics lesson: no torture and no revenge

  2. Sorry? The "desire" to abuse prisoners?
    I think their choice of words is slightly lacking. With the exception of those who find S&M a turn-on, who has the "desire" to abuse anyone?
  3. Not mistreating civilians and captured enemy combatants has been part of the Law of Armed Conflict training for ages. Possibly since those prohibitions became part of the law of armed conflict, I suppose.
  4. Oh come on! Get with the programm - its all about 'disordered passions' - very similar to the effect that 6 litres of student union lager has on one's brain -i.e., you wake up with a complete munter the next morning because your passions were 'disordered'.

    Absolutely! Although - 'Army teaches the right stuff to OCdts for decades' isn't much of a story!
  5. Just an aside, but why is it that whenever a story is published involving British troops that Abu Ghraib gets mentioned? It's understandable if the press mention abuse incidents that have involved British service personnel, but to keep citing Abu Ghraib muddies the water - I've had discussions with various nationalities about the abuse issue and several have thought that British troops were involved in the Abu Ghraib abuse. :?
  6. Reminds me of the 1990 Dudley Moore film Crazy People, in which DM plays an advertising exec who goes nuts and starts producing truthful advertising slogans, such as "Volvo - they're boxy but they're good - and strong as a tank" and "New York - it's not as filthy as you think."

    Imagine if journalists went completely mental and started reporting the objective truth ...
  7. i hate it when they play these things down.

    i mean, if they were ever in one, they would think twice before saying it is "just war".

  8. Oh come on, this is nothing new. The LOAC video still in use today goes through this very well and the actors are carrying SLRs so it's a few years old. I remember lessons on this at Sandhurst and I myself have given these lessons to recruits in basic training.

    It's just the media making a story out of nothing again.
  9. I looked at the comment section today hoping, but not expecting, to see the Army have contacted The Times to correct them. Woohoo! I see a letter titled "Ethics Lesson" and I think no longer is the Army a media punchbag. I click on it and it turns out its from the Prince's press officer about something slightly different ( http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,59-2076463,00.html ). So we are left with the impression the Army has only recently started teaching Just War theory. Hopefully, an Army letter will appear by tomorrow.

  10. Don't hold yer breath...
  11. St Thomas Aquinas was definitely on the syllabus in 1983...

    This is hardly news!!
  12. Tears are rolling down my face. Again I clicked on the letters page of The Times and I see a letter entitled "Sandhurst Lessons". Ha! As the page loads I start to plan a sarcastic "told you so!" post for Barbs but no - Instead the letter waffles on about Catholics and their S & M techniques (I may have misread the letter) and we are still left the impression the Army only recently discovered Just War theory. ( http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,59-2078283,00.html ).

  13. Lord Wentworth wrote:

    If you're still using that video except for a bit of comedy then you're well out of date! There's a whizz-bang new one which incorporates TELIC stuff. Get your clerks to order one from Llangennech.
  14. Perhaps someone should give our dear Tony a lecture in 'Just War' theory. We might find that we were actually fighting 'just wars' rather the 21st Century re-run of the Christian Crusades.