"Just War" - can I have pointers / a primer, please.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 29, 2011.

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  1. Hello grown-ups

    I'm currently arguing with some pinkos who refuse to believe that such a concept could possibly exist, and that every intervention by our Armed Forces is wrong.

    Does anyone have a precis or similar that summarises the UKs POV on this

    Thank you

  2. Just punch them really hard. I find that usually wins the argument.
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  3. Surely any action that is intended to stop the suffering of the civilian population can be considered just

    how about this for a hypothetical scenario, A government has a policy akin to apartheid blonde men shot on sight, legal to rape blonde women, blondes can't own property then one day they take it further and all Blondes have to report to the local train station for "relocation"

    would it not be just to take military action to stop that happening
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  4. Then wee on there face!
  5. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Buy this: Just War: The Just War Tradition: Ethics in Modern Warfare: Amazon.co.uk: Charles Guthrie, Michael Quinlan: Books

    Video of Guthrie Lecture here; What is a 'Just War? | Diocese | Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster

  6. Rampant

    Thank you - looks spot on.

  7. Is your Google broken BB? :lol:

    Try this for a starter...BBC - Ethics - War: Just War - introduction

    However if they are pinkos, then it doesn't matter what arguments you produce, they will simply turn up their "holier than thou-ometer" and so on this occasion I'm with FJ.
  8. See! Read your thoughts on a bridge too far and then this. What you meant however was beat the fcuk of them...
  9. Cuddles you old Arfur

    Tried Google; my Google Fu seems to be kranken.

    The main protagonist there is a Mod who just zaps my points if they're too good obviously, a rare event )
  10. In my opinion this is a beautiful illustration of why one should never argue with an idiot.

    They will drag you down to their level and you will lose for want of experience.

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  11. You could point out that the BNP share their views, particularly with reference to the Afghan question. What's the website by the way?
  12. Godwin's law applies to this debate... Start ranting about World War II and the importance of stopping Hitler's evil schemes in their infancy.

    You know the argument's going to end up there anyway, so why waste time with the foreplay?

    ...then punch them.
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  13. Don't punch them, hit them with a book by St Thomas Aquinas (or Augustine of Hippo). Several times (in hardback, naturally).

    Then punch them.

    There's even a website - JustWarTheory.com - which has pots of stuff on it (it's probably mentioned somewhere in the wiki page rampant mentions). Although the pinkos would dismiss it because the bloke running it says he is well-disposed towards the military, it contains a host of decent enough links to suggest that either (a.) a lot of people are deluded (b.) the pinkos are less well-informed than they think (even the Guardian has had something about Just War Theory in it before now, FFS!)
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  14. Just kick the **** out off them. Then jump on their stupid spastic faces.. repeatedly. Then they'll get the hint, what's just and not.
  15. HHH

    HHH LE

    You should apply for The Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Britain and Ireland!! :)
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