just wanted to know about the army entrance test?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nfwebs, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. :D hi i'm new to this site i'm just 16 and hopeing to join the army in about 10 weeks i'm set to go for the entrance test and just want some info on what its like :?: if i pass i'm hopeing to go to bassingbourn to do the Army Development Course (Advanced) 29 weeks i think!
  2. Head to local your local recruiter, the first thing they will do is ask you to sit in on an information session, to learn what kind of carrier is out there for you. From that, you will register for the BARB test (appitude, the better you do the more jobs are avaible) They will give you a book, to help you study, ask for the Royal navy's book it has more test questions. From there is an interview (wear a suit!), then a docotor physical, if you pass so far you will have to run 1.5miles on a tread mill. Then the tryout out at the army base.
    Look into Cammoflage it is a camp for people your age.
    Good luck 2 Canadian Beers
  3. nfwebs what you looking at going into? :lol:
  4. Signals to do IT coms
  5. If you've got two of everything, which you should have two of......you're in.
  6. what are you on mate?
  7. Around one hundred and ten pounds a day and twenty two pounds LOA daily the last time I checked my payslip.
  8. So your looking at going to bassingbourn! thats ment to be pretty good, I got a mate who started his there last week and hes lovin it! :lol:
  9. Good luck to you mate. Signals aint too bad just try not to fall into the Blandford trap. Keep your head down and remember the Army isn't fantastic all of the time and there is inevitable bullshit but once you get to the field Army it is what you make it. Go for Germany on your first posting the social life is great as people can't bugger off home every weekend and make use of road trips with the lads and get out and see the Country. It really can be a great job and you'll get out what you put in. Bassingbourne is also a good place I did my Basic there in '97 and loved it. Just remeber head down and go with it
  10. thanks a lot that link has helped me a lot
    looking at the times you have to make, to pass the fitness tests i dont think i will have a problem at all thanks........ :D
  11. i'm now going for by B A R B test on the 24/03 i have got the introduction Practice book and it dont look hard at all
  12. Mate, it's a piece of piss! You'll be fine, I'm sure! :wink:
  13. nfwebs,

    the test is simple that book dont tell ya much, but realize it is crap like that as long as you know how to read, do basic math ur fine, not everyone in the army is a rocket sicentist otherwise everyone would be working on the space program.

    good luck,

  14. i jsut had my b a r b test 2day it was not hard at all and i did very well :roll: