Just wanted to bring his boys home alive

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyl, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Lieutenant Corporal?
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  2. i got post sent to me as this, oh how we laughed.
  3. @ CaptainPlume - I was just about to say the same, top notch reporting as ever.

    Though, to be honest - without all the facts it might be a bit trigger happy to assume he's a 'Bully', the blokes he gave a kicking to might have been proper chippy.
  4. "Lieutenant Corporal Matthew Webster claimed Rennie pushed him to the floor of an armoured vehicle."

    That is a new rank that I have not come across before. Where does it fit into the CoC?



    Edited to add: Bugger, must learn to type quicker!
  5. Probably senior to Lance Private & Staff Comical.
  6. Really I thought you posted it cos your a miserable unfunny prick, and by the way I'm not a Jock
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  7. Lieutenant Corporal- A new rank instilled by the Sun?
  8. It's the effin Sun FGS,,and the Jock one at that,,,

    Signed Quarter Colonel Tuffty....
  9. Logically you are right. But like all the Jock Bns, they prefer to live in the last and pretend that nothing has changed. SCOTS - the only Regt in the Army whoses existence is denied by all who serve in it...

    How to do an amalgamation well. Not.
  10. If he gets the boot, at least he can look forward to a fine career as filth. As a PC (Private Commander)
  11. somehow the sun read Lcpl as Lieutenant Corporal well it sounds vaguely military what do you want accuracy?
  12. Maybe's we should hold our fire on this one for now, as I'm sure all of us who were sect comds or tp /pl sgts had some right wee scrotes who you wouldn't have in the cub scouts let alone in the BEST fighting force on the planet, if ,however he is guilty as charged then I for one would have him paraded in front of the tourists at Buck Palace , his uniform torn from his body in disgrace and sent to the "Big Hoose " in the east end of Glasgow to share a comfy cell with "Sammy the Tranny. "

    ( " Big Hoose" = Barlinnie Jail )
  13. Shit will fly when it announces Lance Colonels.
  14. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Ha ha ha..............................

    What does the fcuking big blue sign say outside the gate you barsteward, and incidentally right outside RHQ PWRR!!!!!