Just want to say hello

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Susie, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Just want to say hello! I am female and want to chat to males who are interesting :D

  2. oh dear........
  3. do you do ring dohbie?
  4. You are sick and sad:eek:
  5. Yes I am and now we have heard all about me, tell us about yourself.
  6. Why should I tell you about myself after this welcome?
  7. Like a moth to a candle......
  8. Information you think is pertinent when speaking to a drunken squaddie.
  9. Moth to a candle, but is the candle lit? You will never know. Drunk? Or crying out?

    Shall we start this conversation again and welcome me with respect?
  10. Quite clearly an open forum is going to force people to take the pi$$ if you want to chat do it by PM.
  11. SCH alert!
  12. Is it me or have there been more completely random and annoying people joining recently?

  13. I agree came across when came on here that I wanted to chat, but that is not the case. Got off on the wrong foot and maybe the wrong forum too?

    I am not in the army and never have been. Just wanted to talk to people in the army, thats all. Despite a lot of people were I come from, I am rooting for our lads and lasses out there in foriegn places. I am not welcome here, so like a moth I should go?
  14. Susie,

    Ignore all these uncouth people and come chat to a sailor! ;)
  15. Susie, if you're after a more rounded response, try introducing yourself in the Lonely Hearts forum, we may be a little more civilised. :wink: