Just want a quick rant, men aaarrghhhh

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cunning_stunt, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Thank you


  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    No, how dare you see your ex when your chap has to take his wife and children out to lunch :frustrated:
  3. depends if you suck his cock when you go to collect the keys.
  4. Sounds to me like he is a bit insecure and is worried that you and your ex might still have a spark of interest. By the way I intend to set myself up as ARRSEs Agony Aunt. Sits back, dons helmet and awaits incoming.
  5. I've never heard it called that before!
  6. I honestly have no feelings whatsoever for my ex. I haven't seen him for several months & in truth, stopped finding him attractive about 6months before we split up. How can I stop my new bloke being so insecure? It's driving me mad.
  7. Try swallowing.
  8. Just give him 2 choices....He can either shut it or fekk off, or shut it and fekk off. Quite simple really.

    Hope this helps
  9. Bin the new bloke, if he's that insecure.

    Sooner or later the relationship will end with you locked in the cellar for days on end to keep you away from other men whilst he feeds you scraps; the rats and slugs will be your only friends.

    Eventually, you'll be buried in a shallow grave somewhere, discovered, your chap will go to prison where he'll be raped in the showers and commit suicide in despair. His ex-wife will be so traumatised, she'll put the kids into the orphanange where they will be adopted by internet perverts and molested until they too kill themselves by collectively jumping from a bridge with the family dog.

    For the sake of the dog, bin him now.
  10. Fluffy I bow before your superior insight into human nature. I renounce my aim to be ARRSE Agony Aunt and pass the mantle to you. :worship:
  11. Thats not a nice thing to say Fluffy.....Dale may not want to share a cellar!! :lol:
  12. How about shut off or feck it ?
  13. She's not that copious!
  14. thats not what i heard :)