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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tanith1993, May 29, 2012.

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  1. I have just failed AIB for the marines with the main reason being that the board president did not think i had to motivation to become a marine period. Due to the fact i have applied for the RAF in the past and shown interest in the Army. So , i looked at Other Ranks Marine as an alternative to being an officer.

    Whilst looking at these i have noticed about 2 specializations that would interest me - since to the fact that being a GD Marine for a career is almost impossible. Medical Assistant being the most interesting as a career since it is much the same as a CMT in the Army. However , the issue of being assigned a specialization i don't want shouldn't bother me if i want to be a Marine , which goes back to what the Lieutenant-Colonel said about motivation. I have always wanted a job in the 'teeth arms' of the military or something directly related to it whether it be RM/RAF REG or ARMY.

    I really don't know what to do at the moment. Any advice or insight would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.
  2. Sit down. Have a good long think about what you want out of life. If the Forces is in that list, then think about what you'd enjoy the most.

    Then look at job options. It's your life, your career, and ultimatley your choice.
  3. **** the Marines. Join the Army. Don't join the RAMC go Inf and be a team medic for specialisation( Yanks use th " Z ").
  4. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    No doubt that the Marines are a tough lot, and is not for all.

    Just a small question- do you expect an easy ride no matter which speciality?
  5. Er, you can have a career within the GD spec. I know a fair few who have.

    Top tip. Go down to CTC, park in the car park (you'll have to use the muddy field oppisite) and then stand on the bridge hollering 'I want to be a Marine' o ver and over... they'll be impressed and let you in eventually.
  6. Mate, if you really believe that the Board President took application for the RAF and interest in the Army as lack of motivation, you're missing the point (although I most certainly would have booted you out if there was a sniff of interest in the Crabs!)

    Your post is a bit confused:

    1. Work out whether you want commissioned service or not. If you do, reapply AIB (don't know their current poilcy on retakes) or apply AOSB.
    2. If you don't (or ARE NOT SURE - that's important) visit the recruiting office and sign up for a teeth arm. Do NOT be fobbed off with promises of degrees or aeronautical rubbish - stick with your conviction.
    3. Don't worry about specialisations until you understand what soldiering is all about ie until you're trained and embedded in a working unit.
    4. If you're good enough, the system will identify you as potential officer and stream you accordingly (if you want it).

    Going back to #2; if today you want to be an officer and tomorrow a soldier, you're not officer material. There will be those about here who will disagree but I can guarantee you will struggle if it's just a whim.

    But as PrinceAlbert says, you really need to have a good long think about it and make up your mind. The scatter gun approach to joining up usually doesn't impress.
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  7. With due respect to 'chocolate_frog' I suggest you shout ROYAL Marine, I want to be a ROYAL Marine over and over again. America has Marines, Her Majesty has Royal Marines and we, poor pongoes, are never allowed to forget it! :grin:
  8. Re. The commissioned vs OR. Have a real think about it. If you were good enough to get to AIB then I'm sure the system would have seen you had the potential to pass it (You wouldn't get to AOSB if you didn't), so consider your next move wisely. I looked into Officer entry with the Army, but after chatting with both serving/ex soldiers/officer I realised that I would enjoy the Soldier life much more.

    What I would say, is that if you do choose to be an OR, thent he Army is best. Got some family who are OR Royals and they don't have much time to better themselves for civvy street, nor are there many (there are some) specs which you can use when you leave. One of my mates joined the RM, finished training afer 40 odd weeks (injury) served two months as GD marine and is now pinged to be a Chef ... With the Army you have a rough idea what you'll be doing from day 1.

    Best of luck!
  9. You were deemed not suitable for RM Officer training, live with it. It sounds like you don't know what you want to do and susequently rocked up at AIB probably not prepared and not ready for the board.

    The Corps has lots of roles but again by the sound of it you have no idea what they are are what they entail.

    Try elsewhere after a bit more research...
  10. Oh, and if you think being a soldier is all about bettering yourself for civvy street - join the RAF.
  11. Start drinking heavily. Nothing will matter thereafter and you use s's and z'z interchangeably.
  12. Isn't Tanith a girl's name?
  13. I'm more worried about the fact he thinks the RAF has a teeth arm!!!
  14. That's the RAF dentistry branch isn't it?
  15. Ha! liking the RAF jokes and point taken , i wont mention pebble monkeys again. Sorry for spelling like a yank. I don't expect an easy ride at all mercurydancer - please don't think that i'm wimping out of anything , i just don't know what my next steps should be. Laykil , the board president recommended that i do not reapply to AIB due to my scores , i could but after due consideration i think the other ranks would be better. I will certainly stick to my guns ( pun intended ) and go for a job in the teeth arms , you are right - i just need to decide on what service and job. CURFCno5 , i've been constantly trying to figure this out and having spoken to a few ex-soldiers i reckon being a soldier would be more enjoyable , the issue with specialisations troubles me the most , i don't want to end up doing something like chef or clerk or IT for a career. timex , im proud of how far i got with relation the rm officer selection , im not treating it as a negative as it has taught me something about me , going back to the original post i made i have researched the specialisations and only a few interest me. Medical Assistant being the chief among them.