Just wanna say

nice one to everyone.

this site has been a massive help over the months.. due to start at catterick on sunday, and i dont think i'll be on here between now and then.

I'm on leave from 22nd December so I'll let ya know how i'm getting on.

Chris. :D
Good luck!!
Best of luck to you Chris.

Work hard, it'll all be worth it in the end!
Good luck mate - work hard and play hard.

Best of luck young man. Please try to use better English though?

Apart from that go to it with a will, and update us when you can. Our best wishes are with you.
Best of luck young chap. Try to keep smiling and enjoy it. Do your best.


Good luck Chris, remember mate it's only the first 22 years that are hard.

Stick at it mate you will enjoy it.
good luck,
Get stuck in, dig deep and stick at it!
two up, bags of smoke!
Good luck Chris and enjoy it :D
I'll add my best wishes didn't do me any harm, at least you're doing something.
Good luck both. Remember to always answer back, thats what im going to try when i go for phase 1. Ill let you know of the results.

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