Just waiting for ADSC dates now.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Alright you worthless bunch of cnuts! Been told I'll get a letter in the next week or so with my dates. In Liverpool, joining the infantry, that'll be Lichfield selection right? Any ideas on the amount of pressups and situps I should be looking at doing by the time it comes around? I ain't been doing fuckall in way of upper body work for a while now, reckon I could do about 20-25 pressups before collapsing, could probably do about 40-45 situps if pushed. I'm amazing at heaves n' all so should be alright there.
  2. Is calling us all c*nts a poor attempt at banter? F*ck off you tw@t.
  3. Go **** your mother with your abnormally long toes you ape licking ****!
  4. That topic was a joke aimed at d*ckheads such as yourself, you waste of sperm.

  5. Still a complete knob then, Jensen. :roll:
  6. Against my better judgement I'm intreiged...go on then how many? 8O
  7. A bad attempt at a joke eh, what's the point when there's people like me trying to be serious and you're clogging this place up with your sh*t jokes?

    Flasheart go f*cking post your worthless one line responses somewhere else why don't you.
  8. Good evening charlotte, I can do 15 heaves at the moment before my arms feel like they're gonna fall off. Should be about 20 by the time selection comes round.
  9. You were lacking a sense of humour to even pick up on it. Thank f*ck I'm a few months ahead of you in my application I would of f*ckin killed you if I was stuck at basic with you.
  10. Hard man over there trying to threaten me across the internet.

    On a serious note, what do you mean months ahead in application?
  11. Jensen...I'm stunned if you can, I have no reason NOT to believe you! I've never seen anyone do more than 16!
  12. Months ahead as in months ahead, brains. I'll break it down for you though because you're "special" aren't you? I went to Selection two months ago and already have my date for basic. Get it? good, now f*ck off.
  13. With that attitude you are going to get far.
  14. Better to have worthless one line posts on the internet than be a total moron in the real world, Jensen.

    I give your chances of actually completing training to be slightly less than Mahatma Ghandi walking on the moon whilst carrying a Dolphin under one arm during the commercial break of the next World Cup final between England and Togo.
  15. Well its the carrying heavy stuff etc that I struggle with. Heaves are easy though. Should be able to get to like... 50-60 pressups if I've got a month until my selection too.

    Flasheart, that was actually a funny one about the dolphin under the arm on the moon, but honestly I'd rather take my being a moron in the real world over having a thousand posts on the internet of me taking the piss out of people.