Just took my Oath today {6 scots C company}

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 8chris4, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. well finally got things sorted and took my oath today kinda glad all that part is done,got sized up etc for my kit,no drill tomorrow or next week due to Easter holidays? my 1st weekend will be on the 10th - 12th april ...im looking forward to it,i will also be doing the TA summer challenge they sdaidd after i do that ill do the CIC...cant wait.


    those dates look strange when i look at my calender.lol..ill have to phone them i think.lol
  2. Hi Chris and Welcome to the Royal Regiment of Scotland...if you not sure of your dates I would phone you hall, some staff at location will know...your ADC SNCO will know...

    Best of luck

  3. You can say that about 6 and not laugh?

    Chris your first w/e COULD be 9-11 April and you should be finished your TSC(A) 1-6 the day after SC10 starts and either continue on TSC(Inf) at the RTC or go onto SC10 at the right time then the CIC phase, if thats allowed.
    Doing TSC(A) at the RTC will prevent the wait for the start of SC10 (June 17th)
  4. I thought that said "Just took my Oats today {6 scots C company}" :wink:
  5. er Boxy old bean....i never said anything about our poor Lowland relations (Bless em)...I only welcomed the lad to the Glory of the Regiment...not any Battalion....do try and keep up old boy....tut tut Cav ! sheeeees :D
  6. Swamps, it was the bit about the ADC SNCO knowing anything.....

  7. I say thats a bit off old chap, as you know the humble ADC SNCO is a fine fellow and fountain on joy to all he meets..... :D

    Yes see your point Mate...they are a shower of belters... :soldier: