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The programme Dispatches-Battle Scarred is on channel 4 at 20.00hrs. It's about 4 soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and have since had severe psychological issues since going on tour. Just thought it may interest others that was all. Im watching it at 20:00 so just wanted to let everyone else no.
whys this in joining up, should it not be in current affairs?
No problems chap, I just thought it would hold interest to all us potentials, because although the passing of our brave and dedicated servicemen and women are put out to the media, I myself have not heard much in terms of the psychological effect that serving in such countrys as Afghanistan has had on the lads and ladies.
take what the media coverage shows you with a pinch of salt
I apologise were I put it if it's wrong, Also this is advertised from the soldiers point of view and a documentary of what effects this has had on them. Also thank you for the advice I understand that the media may portray a very different picture from the real one. However it isn't only the media which neglects the facts. Anyway if it needs to be moved or deleted then fair enough, just a reminder for you lads and lasses.
I wonder to what level people have a genetic predisposition to suffering from this? (not suggesting in any way it makes them a weaker person) Just with certain conditions such as depression, stress etc people can be more prone than others and if so could this be eventually predicted and thus prevented from happening. If we are already selective about peoples physical robustness before joining certain arms could we develop a system that can pick up on potential causes of these psychological issues.

Or on the other hand maybe it is the people who can go through the levels of stress and mental trauma with no ill effects that are the ones with the abnormality?

I'm sure people alot smarter than me with lots of letters after their name are trying to find out for us.
no need for it to be moved i dont think mate, however if you want more people to read it then possibly somewhere like current affairs would have been better. kudos though for wanting to learn more about the negative side of things
mattrlc said:
whys this in joining up, should it not be in current affairs?
Got a point there.

However Nel, can't thank you enough mate, I totally forgot about it and it wasn't saved either. Should be a good watch!

Cheers again mate! :D
No dramas chap all took on board for any other programmes I want to make sure people might like to catch. I shall comment furthur once we've had a gander. :D

The intelligence cell is the forum for this chap. Enjoy the programme.
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