Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RoyalEngineers, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Hey all.. I have been fairly quiet lately (thank the lord, I was probably annoying 8) ) and was just wishing to clarify something.. AS a Royal Engineer, Is COMBAT Engineer an actual job title, or is it something which ALL Sappers must do on top of (or maybe first) on top of their trade?

    *When I asked some drugged up gimp that lives near me what they were going to do in the Royal Engineers, they said Combat Engineer .. I said "What Trade" he said that.. :oops: He does do drugs as far as I am aware quite frequently and takes pride in being a lout.. so for your sake I hope he gets caught and thrown out pretty fast!*

  2. Say again, all after "Hey", over.
  3. WTF??? You sure your not on the wacky backy too?
  4. Everyone is a combat engineer, and everyone is a tradesman. Your career path should go a little something like...
    ATR (phase 1) -> 3RSME (combat engineering) -> 1RSME/Leconsfield/3RSME (for C3S)/Bovington for your trade training depending on your trade of course -> Field Army
  5. Yes yes.. I got a bit carried away.


    I thought I was right.. anyway thanks for that.. Basically to make it clearer after it's been answered: I was wondering if all Royal Engineers do a trade.

    And someone told me that their trade was going to be Combat Engineer, at which I was a bit baffled. The named person is a known drug abuser.

    Simplified hey ;)