Just thought this was funny...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Quote from the BBC website:

    "IRA are not al-Qaeda says Blair "

    Does anyone else think it is dangerous when misguided amateurs give their uninformed opinions on intelligence matters such as this? Some people might actually believe him.

    Have you SEEN Gerry Adam's beard?!??!?!? :D

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  2. CR, I do hope you're not suggesting that dear old Uncle Gerry is in any way shape or form a terrorist. Everyone knows he's merely a spokesman for an Irish Republican political movement and has never been in the IRA! Anyone who tells you anything different probably has parliamentary priviledge......................
  3. not at all. as you can see from the pic, he has carved a new career for himself as an extra-value, two for the price of one, Lookey-Likey.

    Tommy Cooper and Osama Bin Laden rolled into one.
  4. Oh dear CR

    Very poor, I expected better from you!
  5. sorry... (hangs head in shame). not my usual standard, will try harder.

    did you like my JSP440 one tho? in the train 'em all thread. :)
  6. It would appear that Mr Blair shares the same script writer as Mr Adams and Mr McGuinness, as he has now started using the well known Nationalist phrase 'The Island of Ireland'.

    We all know its a friggin Island, that why I spent all that time trudging back and forth on shitty ferries and BMI