Just TA !!!!

Drop the word JUST

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I think it’s time the wording need’s to be changed here as these troops need more respect , Remove the word "JUST" from the title as some have already given the ultimate.
Surely 'Just TA' means, a forum just for the TA, not 'Oh it's just the TA'.
If I'm not mistaken this thread has been done before


Although I'm sure there was another thread on the same topic but i can't find it. I believe Just TA stems from a shuffle a number of moon's ago when the TA board was separated from the OTC and ACF board and was named just TA because that's what it is a board Just for TA.

I quite like the idea people think "oh it is just TA" because when you show you are a professional, committed and skilled soldier, they are surprised and will always talk highly of us.
How's about:

STAB's 'R' US - and proud of it.

ARAB's 'WE'RE' NOT - thank god

GHOOSTBUSTERS - got a shortfull - who you gunna call - GHOOSTBUSTERS !!!!!!!! ( not to sure about that now)

Keep it sensible or it goes in the NAAFI...

The voice of reason msr

Just leave it as it is, no worries, no problems, no reason to change .
Leave it as it is. Sluice is absolutely right about the reason for the "Just" in the title. Frankly if this bothers you then you aren't ready for today's TA.

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