Just TA Forum Suspension

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sangreal, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. To save the rest of us from 6 months of endless dripping from the TA, can this forum be suspended until Apr 10? :lol:
  2. How about you don't come in here instead...?

    Quite simple really.
  3. Jerm

    So long as you's all promise to stay off the other forums :)

  4. Crunchie,

    Touche! :)
  5. :p the only thing over this sorry saga to have made me laugh

    oh and as a matter of interest how many threads does that make now concerning the suspension of the TA? we must be close to setting a record by now
  6. Just move it to rear party
  7. But then I'd have no TA mongs to bait on my slow days at work :(
  8. To be entirely accurate, only those wasters who haven't qualified for their bounty should be allowed in here. Those that have qualified can go do some colouring in the corner.

    That'll be a forum to myself then.
  9. Beat you to it by several hours, old boy. :wink:
  10. darnit 8O

    but i bet theres been more since you posted :)

  11. Now fusilier50, I think you ought to stop dragging this thread off topic and start a new one. When you do start it, make sure you're outraged about it ;)
  12. Bizarre. I get all my gen from this forum :-D
  13. share the green crayon ya tw@t...