Just swore at my TV

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by doofuschap, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. Some cant (Nigel Molding) on question time on BBC has just asked if we should give 'Las Malvinas' (an island somewhere near the Falklands apparently) BACK to the Argies.

    Some fackin bitch called Germain Greer has more or less agreed with him.

    I'm seething!!
  2. Really? tell me more
  3. My TV has a power button. I can turn it off & everything.
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  4. Its all alright I'm watching cookery, the world is nice again.

    P.S. Did I spell cookery right? I think not!
  5. On behalf of Australia I apologise for Germaine Greer. I thought you lot would've killed her by now? Poor drills.
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  6. Shouting and/or swearing at your TV is I believe an age thing. Since I retired a couple of years back I find that whilst watching programmes such as Question Time, The Politics Show and Andrew Marr I find myself shouting and/or swearing at the screen more than I did in the past. I always thought of myself as a fairly tolerant type and used to watch the said programmes with keen interest, sometimes quiet anger but more often than not tolerant amusement. Now, like doofuschap, I find myself shouting and/or swearing at nearly everything.

    Of course it could be they let more and more mouth breathers on to these types of shows and allow them to spout utter shite...lol
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  7. I can only echo the sentiments of my most esteemed colleague, I mean for fucks sake get rid of the crazy cow will ya's. Although, better of there than here, so you guys can keep her as a gift from your Australian cousins. Chin chin.

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  8. ^ You too eh? Tv game shows get me shouting. Fucking gronks.
  9. I would. And I'd only need 2 pints.
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  10. To be fair I don't consider myself old and this is really the first time I've had a go at my TV for doing nothing more than that what I paid for it to do. I agree I can change channels but when that facker asked that question and that slaaaag agreed with him I just saw red and, as there was no-one around to beat up, posted on here
  11. I would too,

    but with a cricket bat.
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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Chamomile tea is good. And breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Or maybe it is the other way round. I forget.

    So, fucking nutters and Malvinas obsessed dingbats aside, does anybody know where you can buy those little devices that take bobbles off of cashmere jumpers? I require one.
  13. Well mate be prepared for a critique from hell by her if your a shit root, even if your a stud she'd whinge about you. I think she's never smiled in her life the old bag.
  14. I have been know once or twice to throw the odd expletive at the TV when QT is on. Looking forward to seeing this one in the morning.

    Usually along the lines of 'Oh do fuck off you fucking tree hugging twunt' - or something similar. Perhaps.
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  15. Jeeeezuz that's horrible. Looks like it belongs in a lab experiment.