Just spare 1 minute on Christmas Day

Discussion in 'REME' started by the_mentalist, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Seasons greetings one and all.

    Before we embark on over indulging on turkey, mince pies and copious amounts of alcohol tomorrow. Just take a minute to think about our comrades out on ops as you are tearing your pressies open.

    Now that I have managed to put the dampers on your day, have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

    T_M :party:
  2. Without peeing on your festive firework, I give a little time every day to thinking of those serving in harms way. Merry Christmas
  3. A very noble sentament that I'm sure all ARSE'rs will do anyway, but its the civys and the tawts in the goverment that need the dig in the ribs to remind them to look further than the mountain of pressys under the tree or the pile of food theyll throw down their necks this festive period!

    A merry Christmass and a gid New year and hopefully a safe one to all
  4. I will be raising a glass of port for my buddies out in the stan and the sand pit! best to all! remembrance day is everyday!
  5. When you said you would spoil the day T_M I thought you meant you were coming round for a beer :wink:

    Sentiments exactly, raising a glass of port to all soldiers on tour or duty.......take care lads and lasses
  6. Ditto - and those on duty elsewhere - the guards, medics..... :idea:
  7. Lets US not forget those who profess to support the Iron!

    Like many other, under equiped, under manned and over stretched!

    There is not a day that passes that I don't think of OUR lads and lasses in the front line, waiting to deploy on their next patrol, where ever it is?

    God be with them all and bring them safely back home!
  8. yep will be thinking of rest of my unit away on telic at mo
  9. Happy Crimbo to all serving and Ex REME... Stay safe to all those on Ops..
  10. keep safe lads and lasses,merry xmas all!get the fcuking beers in! :D
  11. Glass raised, my missus and many of my friends are out there, stay safe everybody.
  12. I'd rather be on tour than being at home - bloody hate xmas with passion.
    Hope everyone on tour/on duty is lobbing gravy soaked sprouts (Where available.) at their bosses.

  13. Thankfully there was only the guard and the odd orphan in today :wink: so hopefully a very quiet duty. :D