Just some Questions from a potential recruit!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lucasmcc, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, I was just wondering what Sandhurst for a trainee officer is like!
    I.e, what does it entail
    what are the instructors like? and how are officer recruits treated etc!

    Oh and Ive heard that they arent a big fan of people coming from Northern Ireland to Sandhurst (meaning the instructors give them a hard time)

    Please be nice :) lol and any answers will be greatly appreciated!

    Ps, if this is in the wrong forum please move to the correct section!

    regards, Lucas
  2. Oh God........
  3. ......:( what have I done lol
  4. Three, two, one... INCOMING!
  5. Good question. You should just ask these when you go to westbury. Please.
  6. You'll get extra credit if you ask them how they get those little ships in the bottles, as well.
  7. Lucas, the problem is you have asked a rather expansive question, my advice is to have a look at the other threads in this forum and maybe have a look in the officers forum for some more information. FR
  8. Heaven help us.

    Suggest you brush up on the Queens English for a start.
  9. Christ a grammar Nazi! mate I'm posting on an internet forum not writing a marked exam or essay so forgive me if I don't give a shit.

    And I know I'm new here and don't really have much of a right to flame, but I suggest you take your head out of your arse =]
  10. Lucas,

    Have a look at the Army recruiting internet pages and inparticular those concerning Officer recruiting.

    I wouldn't worry about being from Northern Ireland (or anywhere else for that matter). The Directing Staff (instructors) give everyone a hard time to a certain extent (its their job!) you won't be picked on because of where you are from, you might get a harder time if you are not up to standard professionally or have a bad attitude (but clearly this has nothing to do with where you're from!)
  11. Brave coward thanks for the reply! Ive had a look at the recruiting pages but to be honest, I want to know what Sandhurst is really like!

    And I know they will give me a hard time! Just heard bad things about guys being from NI and being generally treated like absolute dirt. But thank you!

    to be honest I do have a bit of an authority problem, but I'm hoping that the army will take it out of me!
  12. Much better.

    And if you do reach the required standard to attend Sandhurst don't forget to take your sense of humour with you.
  13. There are some very good threads on the subject, but I can't remember what they're called. Try the Regular Officer Recruiting sub-forum - if you read through enough threads you'll find someone linking to it somewhere. Plus that's usually how you find all of ARRSE's best older threads anyway.
  14. These have to be a wah... surely this many young lads with attitiude problems can't all find ARRSE simultaneously?? Reni has been quiet recently...

    READ THE FORUM!!! Spend at least 1-2 weeks reading every part of this forum, you will have to go back through dozens of pages and use the bloody search function! Then if you actually have any reasonable questions left then ask away.