Just some questions about the Maths and English test at the ACIO

Is it timed? like the BARB?
How long is it?

Maths -
Any fractions, percentages, averages, ratio questions? Any formula's I need to brush up on like Pythagoras, Pii, shapes, SDT etc?
Do we get a pen and paper? on the practice test at the Army website on one question you can use your calculator?

The English one seems pretty straightforward, basically just grammar, and memory/concentration tests.

Go to the bitesize GCSE Maths page, go through the stuff there that you're not too good at and you'll be more than prepared. It's really not that hard.
Its fairly basic GCSE stuff. Go over he stuff on bitesize and you'll be fine. I got a question that needed a formula, no idea if its always the same, and it gave the formula.

If you have the IQ of a brick you should be fine.
You have up to 60 minutes for each test and are given pen and paper and an on board calculator can be used for the numeracy. Its straight forward Numeracy and Literacy and the scores you get will go towards your final IDST score at ADSC so brush up on maths and English prior to doing it as Level 2 will get you a max of 6 points for each test on your final score.
I have just done it today, and the numeracy was fairly easy in my opinion.
Brush up on the literacy however, I done ALRIGHT in that, and everyone else agrees they wished they'd studied/revised!
I did mine a couple of weeks ago after leaving school 8 years ago and doing no Maths since, it wasn't too bad, couldn't answer a couple of questions. Got level 2 on both. Just brush up on your basic GSCE type stuff if you are worried

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