just some joining up queries

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ArmyisMyDream, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I've been thinking of joining the infantry for a while now and after previously applying last year and then withdrawing my application to finish further education i now want to join. I was just wondering if say i apply in march, is it possible to apply, do the medical and selection etc but specify that i do not want to start training till after july as i have a familly holiday booked? thanks
  2. If you apply in March you probably wont get in till July anyway!
    But yes you could in theory
  3. On the sign up forms (Right near the front if my memory serves me right) there is a question that asks if there are any dates or periods where you will not be able to attend basic training or selection. If you put the dates of the holiday in there then hopefully they will take that into consideration.
  4. Seconded. Infantry intakes are in their plenty. Where are you going anyway? :eek:
  5. yeah you'll be VERY lucky if you get in within 2 months. going anywhere nice?
  6. Same situation as me, I withdrew my application fo the same reasons.

    I then told my recruiter I want to go forward with it and now I'm waiting on intake date for Infantry.
  7. application process takes 4 months at the earliest mine did anyway
  8. Get the medical out of the way because if you don't pass it everything else is irrelevant. It is also the thing that can delay an application. It depends on how quickly or accurately your GP fills it the RG8. If they miss a box or there is a GP enquiry about something they wrote, your application doesn't proceed until it has been completed. This may be something like you had a knee injury a couple of years ago playing rugby but the Army docs want it to be examined before allowing you to attend ADSC. This may make your 2 month application turn into 4 or 5 months.

    Once you have passed the medical your application can go as quickly or as slowly as you like (within reason - your medical and ADSC results are only valid for a year). You can state when you are/ aren't available for ADSC or training. Be honest with your recruiter and tell him what your plans are and they will push you through. Your position is not unique and there is a big demand for places around that time of the year so get qualified early.
  9. Depends on what you are going for and if there are vacancies in phase 1 and phase 2 training. If you can get your medical forms completed quickly 2 months is normally acheivable for the Infantry. Bit of a backlog at the moment though and looking at around 3 months.
  10. im in the same boat and would like to begin applying this time next year but would not be able to join until my exams finish in july, but would like to know if i pass the medical, because if i fail the medical for something serious i will then be going to uni, thx.
  11. i tk it you dnt wanna be goin to uni... :)
  12. woah no dont fancy spending 3/4 years of my life in something im not looking for a life in :oops:
  13. yea i kn, but i had to do it though, for four years, it wasnt fun, but it was to please the folks...now that i am done...i have now had the opportunity to join, which is wot i have always wanted to do, but i think, it was a gud idea though, cos now i have the degree and i could fall back on it anytime in my life, so all's not lost, somehow, some where deep down i think i am grateful i had the chance to do it, you know, but everyone's not the same...?
  14. yeah i was thinkin about that to fall back on but i guess ill just see what happens, i can always get a dgree later in life when i would have more of an idea what to do
  15. RE my bold - this is probably your experience, as Sparky said it all depends on the vacancies and what you are joining at the time of application.

    If you are going to join a smaller more select unit/trade such as RAVC dog handler or REME aircraft tech, the vacancies for training aren't going to be as often as the are for a larger organisation such as the Infantry. The fastest I've heard of is 25 working days (I know the recruiter who processed him) but he was a sure bet on passing ADSC and went into the RLC (I think) at ATR Pirbright.

    So for all of those joining it doesn't take 4 months minimum - it all depends on what you are joining and when the vancancies are.