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Hello everyone, came across the ARRSE forum a few days ago and using the search function a lot of you have helped answer many of my questions so I'd like to take the time to say thanks and get my first post on the forums!

As already said a lot of your posts answered many of my questions but I noticed you all still advise to see the guys at the AFCO so that's exactly what I did.. today. He was really helpful and seemed to know the answers to whatever questions I could throw at him so after a few hours I walked away feeling pretty satisfied. There were a few answers he said that seem to contradict what I've read on the net so if nobody minds I'll ask you knowledgeable folk here aswell. I'd like to know the answers but its also a general ice breaker for me to get chatting to some of you as I couldn't really find anywhere to post a hello!

First things first I'm Millsi, I'm 22 and I'm from Yorkshire. Fancied the RAF as a young teen but messed school up a little bit when I was at that "Haven't got a clue" age and didn't come out with any decent GCSE's. Dropped on getting myself a 360 excavator license and that's all I've really done since and after just being made redundant I feel like it's time to stop plodding along and actually do something interesting and exciting and something I know I will look back on and be proud, which is what brings me here :).

I'm interested in joining the AAC and that's mainly what the visit to my AFCO was about today, he did try to enlighten me on infantry as well and he somewhat changed my opinions on it. Walked in with a 100% no chance of infantry head and I walked out with some interest in it so guess the recruiter is good at his job lol.

Few questions I asked after reading on here were "Are the AAC taking on currently, I've heard they are making cut backs and aren't actively recruiting" to which he said was nonsense and they are actually seeking people to join as part of a big recruitment drive for the AAC. So any info on that as I've read a few bits contradicting it?

Next question was about promotions. He said you can reach Corporal in 2 years, but it's not likely, probably more like 3-4 years. Yet in the leaflet/pamphlet it says it's 3-4 years to Lance Corporal and a further 3-4 years to Corporal. Is that drastically over estimated as I'd be 28-30 by the time I could apply to the pilot training, Yes I understand that it's hard to achieve etc but everyone has a goal to aim for and ultimately my goal is to fly a helicopter! how many people say that when they join the AAC haha. I'd very much like to join Aircrew though as a more reasonable goal, I still understand it isn't guaranteed but it's a possibility and that's good enough for me.

Now the last question I will leave you with is this, the AFCO said there is no chance I will get to go to Afghanistan as there are only 2 more tours before we pull out and both dates etc have been set. Kind of sad really as I would have liked to have gone, even if I was shitting my pants at the thought. I wanted to know where the next Iraq/Afghan type of op would be and he thinks we will be in Iran shortly.. Sort of worried me a little because I was under the impression that Iran had a big powerful army compared to the likes of Afghan? would we really want to go all out modern war :scratch:

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