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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. One of the problems of illegal immigration into UK is the problem of 'Passengers' destroying their bording documents and most of all the Passport on which they are traveling so they can claim false status on arival UK side.
    The BEEB has just show a very cheap British designed 'Scanner' that electronically scans and transmitts a copy of the passport main details page or any other nominated page and then transmitts it immediately with the FLIGHT Passenger details to reciving airport 'Immigration' department.
    This device with correct procedures would allow UK imigration officals to determine the actual documents, on which Passengers who have destroyed their travel docs, have used and the supposed original nationality and said identity.
  2. Ah, brilliant! Following tradition then, the government:

    a) won't want any part of funding the development of this item
    b) will come up with numerous reasons why they don't want it

    I think it sounds like a wonderful piece of kit, but then again I'm part of the electoral demographic that they like to ignore, so what does what I think count... :roll:
  3. Yup, does indeed sound like a wonderful concept to prevent people "losing" or altering their travel documents. Only problem I can see is trying to get the device standardised and then installed into every airport in the world. Not a serious issue with places like the US or Europe, but it might be a problem at Umbongoland International...
  4. ^ True - I suppose that it depends on the definition of "very cheap".
  5. We are getting deep into pompey jock territory here, I'm not sure if he is still around these parts?

    The problem is not so much that IIs trash their documents on inbound flights, rather that we have a one dimensional border control mechanism.

    Once you get past " controls" a port of entry, and you have not been sent to an IDC, you are in.

    In UK we have yet to grasp the concept of the " Deep, Close and Rear" ops for border control.

    Overseas I work alongside Norwegian and German military counterparts on Ops, who conduct interviews and analysis within overseas communities. This is in response to casework on individual refugee families, to determine if the conditions are right for that specific family to move back to their home. In some cases in Bosnia, I have even seen them buy a refugee families house back off the "squatters", so the assylum seekers can move back in. A €30K one-off house purchase, can be a lot cheaper than keeping a family of 6 on benefit in Corby for a year.

    Thirty years ago in Germany, I was helping to provide logisitic support Bundes Grenchutz Gruppe teams conducting Anti II Ops hundereds of miles away from their countries borders. They have specific teams established for this.

    Our own IND is grossly under-resourced. After two years trying to pass them the numbers of gang-masters cars, I gave up because they patently could not cope.

    I have yet to read steve moxon's book The Great Immigration Scandal, but I sadly sense it is not going to hold any surprises. Lets guess: the IND are driven by outdated KPI's that do not match the issues that are really challengenging our society today?

    Perhaps the same could be said for the NHS and Police Service?

    The travel documentation issue is in my view, a red herring.

    If I arrive at immigration, airside, in many non-EU nations, and my visa and travel documentation are not in order, then the carrier that flew me in there gets fined and has to fly me straight back to where I came from.

    I just don't see that as being too difficult??
  6. I always understood that to be the case, but is it true that an immediate appeal for political asylum supersedes this rule? If not, how do we have so many political asylum seekers, allegedly without documentation to prove their country of origin?
  7. DB

    Your statement certainly does apply here in UK. My point is: this is exactly why we are in this apalling state in the first place. The countries I am talking about are rather more pragmatic about who they let in.
  8. Is this device a photocopier and a fax machine? That would seem to do the job!
  9. Yes it would Stoaty, - but think of all those wonderful IT people you'd do out of a job with such a simple, cheap, effective, workable solution!!
  10. The machine was a scanner and from what was said it combined up the passport details with the passenger list and forwarded to the destination airport. Seemed very cheap and simple. Basic scanners cost less then £50 so even if we say £1,000 for a pro machine and make it the responsibility of the airline a usefull tool I will suggest.
  11. Airlines get fined for carrying passengers without a passport. I suspect evemn at £1k ea, most airlines would be happy to pay that much. I may be wrong but I believe the fine is in the vicinity of £10 000 (correct me anyone) for every fee-paying passenger carried without passport.
  12. A lot of commonwealth countries have these now, they are a pretty good idea, of course the UK has to invest in to bringing this kit to some decent usefulness! Australia is the model the UK should adopt, they are very tight on who they let come in, having destroyed their documents deliberately.... of course they are a nation of immigrants, but immigration the right way, not allowing those who try to take advantage of the system by needlessly destroying documents to hinder accurate processing

    but common sense in government takes a while i guess.... time to shuffle off to my brandy........