Just seeking a bit of "professional" opinion

Right.. here's how it is.

Every day I take my dog out approximately 1 mile, jogging bits. I usually try and take him out twice where possible, so I walk an average of 3 miles a day. Aswell as this, I have been running around sometimes, at least once a day where possible, but recently my mum started coming with me as she is well again and so I can only jog occasionally when she is ready :oops: Anyway, that aside, aswell as this i've started doing 10 minute workouts on the excercise bike with 50 (don't know what it's measured in) resistance on, going at a constant speed of 80 (I'm guessing this is measured in Revolutions per minute) with the occasional burst of speed.

Aswell as this, I am now doing weights so to speak, 7.5 Kilogram dumbells, doing 10 "standard" reps and then 10 to work on different muscles (cross chest reps) and then 5 arms down by my side pulling them out as far as possible reps (I'm telling you now, this as far as possible isn't very far :p)

Now i'm a big lad, 6 ft. 5 roughly and 16 years old. What I want to know is will this make me really fit if I keep at it, is it healthy for a 16 year old to do every day, and will it help me out a lot with cadets and make me feel better all the time, as fit as a fiddle :p

I'm mainly doing the reps so later I can handle more press ups as i'm 12 and 3/4 stone currently and that's not helpfull when you're 6 ft 5 also.. and you have never really frequently excercised your arms before ;) So basically i'm trying to build up to running far and pushing up like there's no tomorow ;)

Thanks to those who read this, and any comments greatly appreciated (yes, the st-a-upid ones too :) )
There's a bench ontop of the big hill (yeah just one) but other than that no there's not i'm afraid. Why.. should I hit the dirt every now and again.. how many times? :p

My DOG is fine, he's still dumb :D

To stop jokes, that's not me, that's my dog ;)
Cheers for the advice. My dog asked me not to post pictures of him using the bench or you might get jealous, and yeah that was him after he'd popped down to the local supermarket for some reduced beers :p

On a serious note, I don't wanna bust my arms yet, gonna build up strength through weights and such available resources first, ready for college, where there's a gym, so if they have one, i'll use the rowing machine etc and really go for it, other than that i'm keeping it simple as i'm still growing ;)

Thanks for the sound advice and words of wisdom all the same, but early days yet ;) I think i'll just use the dirt for press ups as I can't really see this bench being 6 foot odd :)

getting ahead of yourself
The camera is futuristic ;)
I don't wanna join the Intellence Corps period My intelligence has its uses else where, and I want to join the RE FYI, cause on certain chap bought up the good point: "When you snap you leg and get MD'd you have nothing to do, back to square one elsewhere pretty much. Plus you can take the Infantry active route so to speak whereby you do a lot of combat work instead for example doing P Company" or along those lines :p As much as i'd love to patrol all day every day and all.. or be intelligent, I need a bit of a break.. and cool down while I install Air Conditioning ;)
Lol sorry, basically what I was saying was I want to do it all, but at the end of the day, I can only pick one thing, and I believe the Royal Engineers can offer me a variety of different options and something to do in the unlikely event that I am discharged or when I finally leave, and thus I have to think a little bit about when I leave, cause it's gonna happen inevitably. Reading over my previous post it is utter bollocks. :p
Run more, if your mum isn't ready to come running with you, go without her, then go again when she is ready. Minimum twice a week if you are doing long distance (4 miles plus) or 3 times short distance (2 miles or speed training etc.)

Good effort on trying with the weights but Id suggest getting yourself down to a local park (stop at it on your runs) and do some Heaves/Pull Ups, your ACIO has a Getting Fit pack with a lovely big poster with a picture of these - do them on the swings :)
Do Pushups and Sit ups too - when you're watching the TV do Pushups in the ads, search through the forum and you'll find loads of advice on it.

One other thing, "you dont want to bust your arms" just yet - I take it that means "train them really hard" - yes you do. Thats the same as when people say "I want to get a bit fitter before I join a gym" <- im sure you can see the daft bit of that. Get out there, train hard, harder you train quicker it works :)
So I hope ;) I really want to get everything done but I have to wait, the waiting game is unpleasant but all should fair out.. in the mean time college will certainly occupy me :p
Nah, Para's, he's always loved jumping out of planes.. ;)

as we speak i'm talking to the online careers guys and I just got a number to ring to enquire

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