Just saw Damon Albarn........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spursluv, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. Spursluv

    Spursluv Old-Salt

    in Portobello Rd, he was sitting by the door in the noodle shop, I told him he had a noodle on his chin, and he picked up a napkin to wipe it...then I said not really and walked off!
  2. RTFQ


    Did you punch him in the throat for inflicting "Country House" on us? Then asked "Where's yer gorillaz now you mockney cnut? Eh? Eh?"
  3. pensionpointer

    pensionpointer War Hero


  4. pensionpointer

    pensionpointer War Hero

    Oh Blur - That Damon Albarn!

  5. You name dropping cnut! On a similar note I just saw your mum being the centre piece at a Bukkakke party.
  6. Spursluv

    Spursluv Old-Salt

    Oh I am so glad, she told me she had a delighful time!!

    Anyways.........no RTFQ but I darn well wish I did.
  7. He lives just up the road from Portobello.

    I used to work in W11: loads of celebs. In one day I spotted: Paula Yates (OK, it was a while back), Tony Benn, Jason Donovan and John Cleese. Michael Winner, Richard Branson and Ruby Wax all live nearby too. I also arrested a member of a famous 70's rock band for being drunk and disorderly outside a wine bar there. He was straight out of Spinal Tap.

    Albarn, everybody's famous posh-but-slumming it leftie, has lived there for ages in a big flash house.

  8. And he's still a southern shandy drinking poof.
  9. Spursluv

    Spursluv Old-Salt

    I went through a stage of quite liking Blur (a very short stage may I add) and one day I saw an interview with him on telly, and my god, he has to be the most boring, droll, tiresome person u could ever meet, not how I imagined at all!

    So it was with great pleasure that I livened up his day a little by fibbin about the noodle, wish I uppercutted him now though :roll:
  10. On a completely different note, I almost spunked my pants looking at Vegetius's avatar.

    Angelina Jolie is now top of my 'Want to bum' list
  11. Jason Donovan is NOT a celebrity he's a cnut.


  12. Mister_Angry

    Mister_Angry War Hero

    Talking of mocknies I saw Jamie Oliver in Notting Hill once filming 'the naked arrse' or whatever its called.

    You can't tell it on the telly, but he's got a head like a fu cking melon.
  13. Spursluv

    Spursluv Old-Salt

    Jamie Oliver is the worst one of all, he is the most irritating Numpty I have ever seen.
  14. watertight

    watertight War Hero

    He's actually quite a nob. I came across him in Soho once, drunk as a skunk, nothing wrong with that but he was a nob, a big and proper nob. A small bow legged japenese girl who asked for his autograph was told that he didn't come out to sign autographs. Fair enough; but in a non select establishment, part and parcel of the trade methinks. Just hope she realised these Gorrilaz fellas are the same person. Ever heard him in an interview? He actually comes across as a nob. In all, he's a nob.
  15. Spursluv

    Spursluv Old-Salt

    I agree, he is a one giant big fat Nob!