Just received this in my inbox, comments please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, May 18, 2011.

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  1. Just received this in my inbox, comments please.

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  2. Nothing to do with me guv, but I did like the work you did on the Gosport Ferry photo.
  3. I had an action man like that as a kid
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  4. He's not a hat, he's a helmet.....
  5. Paras can't spell Helmet
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  6. Thats just so wrong ..........and then soooooo funny!
  7. Or any other province of Afghanistan......Doh.
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  8. Quality

    Did the Cav see the sign?
  9. Isn't he The Flying Ginger Of Hyde Park?
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  10. He looks about 3ft too tall....
  11. But it's pointed at his GAUNTLET…. Final Ex of the Clothing / Uniform Naming Test (C.U.N.T) Course. FAIL.
  12. Can't be proper Paras. The tatts appear to be spelt correctly, no dessies laced with paracord & where's the map of Africa on the one wearing jeans?
  13. They're not real paras, only one is wearing Brutus jeans and neither is wearing dessie boots.
  14. The reason why all non paras should do p company.they wouldn't be so f*kin special then lol.
  15. Do my eyes deceive me? Or is one of the kneeling blokes a PARA and the other one works for Scottish & Newcastle breweries?