just received adsc instructions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by fuzzhead, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi there just received my adsc instructions , however it says i will be taking a literacy and numeracy test however i did those along with the barb test.

    will i now be required to do so again or am i misunderstanding and it being a different test
    just wondering as i got a pretty good score last time.
  2. Resitting it at ADSC will put you in good stead & give you a taster for when you arrive at your chosen corps / regiment as we love to repeat doing tests, MATTS etc on a near weekly basis in the field army :)
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  3. i dont mind but it will suck if i did worse
    i got level 2 on both and a 68 on the barb test i think
  4. Improve on those results, then you and the army will be even more impressed.

    Your motto should be personal standards are to be maintained or better still improved upon.

    Fear not and good luck.
  5. my mum didnt do anything ? and yh i just think it wasted my time that i could of been at school if i have to do it again
  6. I was there on the 18/19th of may, I never had to do these test but everyone who did the BARB before turning up had to also do a new test they are wanting to bring in called A.C.T.

    This test is apparently going to replace the BARB. So they are beta testing it with everyone applying.
  7. Perhaps if you spend 10 minutes reviewing your post it will increase your chances of getting a higher score in English(?)
  8. sorry this is the internet and quite frankly doesn't need to be a fluent novel and at the end the only questions i got wrong where finding the 2 words are spelt incorrectly
  9. Don't be sorry.
    Yes, it is the internet, not Shakespeare. However the ability to present coherent missives can be quite important in your chosen career.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Anything else helpful to add?
  11. I'll pass thanks. Got your PM and I don't think points mean prizes(?)

    As my PMs have been disabled I cannot respond to you.
    Therefore I'll have to do it here. The unnecessary and childish comment in your PM demonstrates just how far up your arse your head must be.
    (This is not a whine about being infracted. It's a comment on the attitude of one particular mod).
  12. If your instructions are the same as mine - which i'm guessing they are - then it states that you may be required to completed the numeracy and literacy as well as the barb test