Just received a replacement AF B108

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Effendi, Aug 1, 2009.

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  2. where is your original 108 then?
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  4. it is relevant if you lost it then tough

    as you state you didnt like your 108 so was this a vain attempt in getting it re-written by your last unit?

    This would have been my first port of call.
  5. What were you expecting - gold leaf embossed paper? :p

    My 108 A+B are typed, therefore probably not anything to do with the data protection, 108X & 108B were both stamped by APC.

    Just out of interest, what did you get on the military conduct section?
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  7. You can write off to the MoD and request copies of everything they have on you - I did it when I left, tonnes of stuff - all my docs from initial notes and interviews at the local careers office, basic training, transferring Corps, all reg units and overseas service, additional training & courses, docs from charges, op tour stuff, resettlement and everything up to my transfer to the reserve. It better than looking through your diary.
  8. You could do what an ex-IG mate did.

    He simply 'edited' and inserted a few things he felt should have been there. He's in the British transport Police now!

    Civvy HR won't know the difference.
  9. But that would be dishonest! :p (Now where's mine and is the scanner working?)
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  11. See my previous post. You could have saved yourself the phone call :D

    Good luck and I hope they get it right now.
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  13. Unfortunately, nowadays, dear, it really is just a piece of paper. No Red Books, no fancy stuff. Just "Cpl Blahdy Blah" did this that the other, saved 17 lives in a freak yachting accident etc. etc.

    Unless of course you know someone really nice within the Cbt HR Spec thingy that they call us now and again and again, but that would never happen, we are all nasty.