Just Posted to Germany & Cannot find a couple of allowances.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by jjandellis, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    This is my first post on the forum!

    I have just been told that I shall be posted to Germany in October. I have always been told that its a great deal out there as u receive LOA and Kindergeld.

    Is this still true?

    If so, what are the rates now?

    I have looked at the JPA document but it only gives some sort of monthly rate for the EU at 115.09 euros. Surely this isn't the rate?

    I have 2 young children (3 and 2)...so what sort of rates should I be looking at?

    All help is greatly appreciated, because you might expect, it helps me to plan for the future.

    ps. I would go to the pay office but I don't get time to in work...and I'm trying to get a few things settled tonight.

    Again, many thanks...
  2. Hi - I also have 2 kids and I left Germany in March, i was on approx £14 per day LOA but I know rates have changed since.
    Kindergelt is basically the differance between British child benefit and the German version, I can't remeber how much this is but it used to pay my phone bill and car insurance (sod the kids). Its not something ypu can claim through the Army though although the Welfare Office should probably be able to sort you out with the paperwork
  3. Kindergeld for 2 kids is about 150 euros a month, LOA obviously varies with rank however bet on about £400ish. Don’t forget your fuel and light bills should be lower as you pay X&Y plus no TV licence or car tax, petrol is about 70 euros for 100 ltrs and a bottle of 20 year old malt £15.

    If you play the tax free game I would estimate your standard of living will increase with living in Germany. However, its not all milk and honey. Occasionally some of the natives don’t speak English, and in the summer it can get quite hot. Also German beer is quite strong and they make you drink all day into the long into the night. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  4. Hello,

    What rank are you? I will then beable to tell you what daily rate of LOA you will be on. As for kindergeld, the best people to speak to are those in the families office.