just picked up my warrants

well just collected my warrants(train ticket) to go away to glencourse on monday. feeling pretty confident, nervous and excited all at once. anyone else going up on monday? just going 2 do my best, and give 110%.

anyone been to glencourse that has any tips for me? iv heard alot of people say its quite easy to pass.

if you are going up on monday or later, what you most nervous about?

I hope you got a warrant aswell, otherwise you're walking!
i Did my basic up there years back and the mile and half there seems like 2 miles.

Other than that its bloody freezing and raining. Its easy there mate, you'll pass no problems.
Oh and when you go to edinbrough when your allowed out go on the back pubs of princess street, cheap beer there.

Well it was last time i went, and at the very top of that street theres a lovely strip bar. :)

If your under age, then you've dipped out on some good pubs.
brettyboy69 said:
thank you mate. well fingers crossed lol.

did you find it pretty easy? did you do much training before hand?
I didn't do much prep before hand, as i was already kind of fit, just keep running every couple of days but do about 6 miles.

Practice, practice, practice pressups, as if one of you **** up you all **** up, thats the way it works and we had to keep doind pressups all the bloody time.
brettyboy69 said:
newcastle mate
Ah right, I'm in Carlisle, also going to Glencorse sometime for selection.

My CA said that the track surface you do your 1.5 mile run on is like a forest floor? Apparently it's a bit tougher than running on a road surface as it's softer, etc.

Good luck mate, I'm sure you'll do fine!
When I done my run at Glencorse it was pissing down, and it was like running through a swamp.

+ I does feel a lot longer than the 1.5 I done at Pre-Selection.
I did my Recruit Selection at Glencourse a number of years ago, the course seems a hell of alot longer than 1.5 miles but i managed to knock a good chunk of time off, nerves helping to fuel me!

There is (was) a nasty incline at the start and finish i recall, and it was all road, pavment style surfaces.

Good luck fella and welcome to the British Army Breakfast you get to weigh you down!

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