Just passed :)


congrats mate ill be starting my phase 1 on november 25th cant wait. also i heard that dog trainer was a hard job to get selected for because there are only something like two openings a year dunno if its true
YeahYeah said:
Hi everyone I'm new here. Ive just passed my selection and am currently awaiting an opening for the role of Dog Trainer in the RAVC.
Oh that is great news. Well done you. :D So just how hard is it for a girl of 16 to get into the dog handling? My daughter wants to do it when she is a little older. What is the difference with the training & do you have to be a certain age with exam marks etc? I love the bit about the tanks lol!!
I passed mine 2 weeks ago, and am off to Pirbright September 8th!!!!! :D

I have a funny fred basset cartoon that shows fred and jock arguing, but cant post it here cus it doesn't allow attachments :(
Well obviously i love working with dogs, but its mainly because its a trade i already have experience with. I know how to train to guardian status and have done on many occasions. I also know how to do basic and advanced obedience training, i used to have a collie and was part of the manic mutts obedience schools show team. i'm also accustomed to police dogs as my dad used to be in the force and had an ex-service guardian german shepard which i helped to keep his training up. i know all the tactics used in husbandry and control of such animals and all the ways of agitation (i have played agitator on many occasions).

There are other trades i have experience in like Engineering (mechanical and electrical) including welding, cnc operation and setting, motor mechanics, Pc maintenance and repairs, C++ programming, html design and writing, computer aided design (Autocad, Maya, 3dsmax and the likes) but dogs are a passion and these other trades are my hob bies that i want to keep as hobbies instead of them becoming "just work".

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