just passed selection

Got back from Scotland last night at about 2030 into Doncaster having just passed selection it was hard but fun.If you are fit enough you should be ok i have trained hard for this day so i did ok.My run time was 8 15 a bit slower than what i did in York but it was a harder course.I did 15 pull ups but 2 didnt count and i managed to do the jerry can lift.Out of about 35 of us i think only 3 failed and that was on the team tasks.There was a good bunch of lads and we had a laugh.At the end of it if you pass you get a ceitificate which says on the bottom this is an offer of employment with the British Army. I am pround of myself for getting this far and i know my parents are as well.So if you are near to going for selection dont be worried just try your best keep your head down and do as you are told and you will be fine.One more thing dont have a full english like i did before your run as i was sick 4 times after i had finished the run
Cool mate. Im going in 12 days. Do they still do the old "Drop and cough"?.
Im hoping to run in under 10mins my last time was 9mins 49secs. The run is my main worry because it's a straight pass/fail. I would ask u what the course is like but u went Scotland and i'm goin Litchfield


blueshark said:
I am prond of myself for getting this far and i know my parents are as well.
You are right to be proud. Well done, and good luck in your new career. :D

Now get a few of your friends to join as well!!!


'selection' standards must have dropped a bit, what happened to jungle phase etc? if that's all it takes all it takes I might have a go myself 8)

Seriously guys, well done 'even a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step' keep the faith and don't let the buggers get you down. Training is a train ride, just stay on till the end of the line and you will arrive.
If the 1.5 mile run is still the same course I did at Litchfield (10 years ago!) it is twice round camp, the second leg slightly shorter than the first. And it isn't flat all the way round so keep practising your run and improve on it because in my experience, most people tend to lose a bit of time when the do the run there, especially if they are just used to running on a flat surface. Try practising some hill reps, that would probably help although I am sure there are some PTI types here who can offer far better exercise specific advice.

A light breakfast in the morning also helps!

I passed on the 8th May at Glencorse :)

You're dead right, it's a brilliant time - a challenge aye but it's not actually hard. Did you have Cpl Bu***n too? Top bloke.

Yeah they still do the drop and cough - and it's not just that either - they do all sorts of prodding around (or maybe not and my Dr was just a very bad man) but s/he talks to you whilst they're doing it, telling you exactly what they're doing and why, and it's not such a big deal.
Well done you should be proud, go to your ATR and put in 100% and enjoy yourself. It will get hard at times but as long as you all muck in together and work as a team you will get through it. Not a bad run time there so keep on your fitness and you should hopefully knock it down enough to represent your unit or even higher if you enjoy your sports.

Good luck :clap:
Good luck Blueshark - and welcome to a family that'll stay with you your entire life.
Well done blueshark hopefully i can do the same once my fitness is better and my selection date comes through.
Well done! My son was supposed to go at the same time as you but changed his mind, he is just 16 and betwixt and between about his future at the mo!

Good luck with your future.

A :D
Well done mate

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