Just passed selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bad_cat, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Hiya,

    Just passed my selection on friday at Pirbright. . The team activities were painfull. Now that i have rested am still limping on one leg.

    I have now got to get my self ready for basic training.
  2. I suggest you change the title!! You may have some people confused by "selection". And secondly so what???
  3. Is that selection for "them"?

  4. I suggest you stick your head where the sun don't shine mate.
  5. Try and catch me fatty!! With a BPFA time like that you should hang your head in shame!! With an attitude like that you wont last a week in basic!! Mega bloke.

  6. yep i can see you going far. :slow:

    awaiting another sarcy comment :relax:
  7. 13.21! did you stop for a brew/tug, or were you wearing clogs?
  8. Lets say all of the above!
  9. 13:21?!

    are you a girl?
  10. [quote="amazing__lobster

    Is that selection for "them"?[/quote]

    You mean by "them" : "THEM!!!" ????49 PARA? :wink:
  11. Are you one?
  12. i can stick my b@lls between my legs an look like 1 if that counts?
  13. Jus like i thought.
  14. even Andy McNab was a recruit once, there's some real nobbers around here
  15. seriously though mate

    13:21 is a bad time.. i'm suprised you passed with that!

    what are you joining?