Just passed RSW unsure of job now though

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by joshd612, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi all
    Just got back from RSW and passed :).

    But I have my attestment on the 5th July but I am unsure of my chosen job now :/

    Advice any one please

  2. What regiment are you joining ?
  3. Your job is to head down and be attested. And when the officer chats to you at your attestment you can ask what the next stage is. They will want to put you through your TA Basic Training, then you will specialise into a specific role depending what your regiment does.
  4. Joining REME 146 field company pal

    Oh okay mate So looks like waiting and see what happens then
  5. As above go through the training... you'll get more idea of jobs the longer your in. Best advice will tend to available in the bar after training
  6. Cheers pal
  7. Your unit will not make it easy for you to move out.

    If you're not happy about REME, you need to do something about it NOW.
  8. If you're not happy about REME, you need to do something about it NO. Moreover
    If your happy about not deploying in your military carrertake bravo bravo's advice
  9. If you're not happy about REME, you need to do something about it NOW.Moreover
    If you never want to deploy or mobilise in you military career then take bravo bravos's advice
  10. I'd ignore most things T_C says. ( rather, is trying to say. )

    In his short TA career so far, he has actually been AGAI'd as well as been beaten up by blokes in his Company on numerous occasions for being a gobshite.

    Quite an impressive record.

    His Company don't want him to come back to them - not wishing him any injury, they just despise him.
  11. As BB said, your unit will try and convince you to stay and make it difficult for you to leave...but at this early stage of the game you can simply walk away and go to another unit, your current unit wont be happy but if you explain to them why then they cant really complain...remember you're a volunteer after all.
  13. Can I suggest a basic IT skills course?

    I'm surprised that an ex-Scaley nipper like you finds it so hard to use IT.