just passed rsc

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ally133, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. alright lads, i passed rsc and have been selected for Electronic warfare Systems operator, is it true that after phase 2 i get promoted to lance jack straight away? and will it be higher or lower pay band? also i want to serve with the paras after a year, so what would a ew/ para do exactly? provide sigs and comms for the pars i thought, is that right? cheers
  2. When does the direct entry into EW Op stop? Heard you had to be an operator first...

    Have a search on the net for LEWT
  3. I think you need to speak with a career person, because by the sounds of it I don't think you have the correct information at hand.
  4. As a class 3 tradesmen you will undoubtedly be making tea for those hairy-arsed paras you so wantingly wish to serve with.---Good luck with that my dear. :D
  5. Unlucky!
  6. your saying that after 14 weeeks, basic and the 39 weeks trade training at blandford and chicksands, that after one year being a lance jack and a class two, that if i transfer to paras i'll be making tea? doubt it somehow! well they can pay me about £25000 and i'll make tea, not fussed!
  7. I doubt it too. With an attitude like that from a sprog that hasn't even put the uniform on yet, I'd say you'll be lying in the corner, bleeding.
  8. From your rectum.......with a "3 PARA forever" tatoo on your forehead.

    Cheers Easy!
  9. u boys are obvioulsly tank washers and bum boys who can never answer a question, just slag ppl off! and i do have a senseof humour,
  10. You might be fussed when your anus is matches your beret.-seriously though, good luck with that.
  11. Is this (another) wind up? :?
  12. Looks like gash to me,
  13. I doubt that also, with that attitude you will be licking the shite of the para's boots.

    I am a 27 year old fully trained sparks, that has trained as a civi aprentice, however I still fully expect to be making tea, when I pass out of phase three training!

    You earn respect by what you do, not by what you know.
  14. If you were to re-capbadge to the paras you would be starting from scratch again. All your previous service (the little bit you would have) would count for nothing.

    As a LCpl, yes you would be making the brews. Especially if they find out you are a previous Spec Op and received your rank from a christmas cracker like all spec ops and techs.

    I also don't know where you are getting £25k from. You would have to server a further 3-4 years on top of your year out of training before you get that sort of money. Try £22.5k.
  15. With that attitude you will go far my friend. Welcome to the British Army and good luck with you career.