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Just Passed RSC - now got to do ATCAB?

Hi all

does anyone have any experience of this? Passed at RSC with no problems, would appreciate any tips or advice on what to bone up on before going. Also interested in what happens ie, interviews, tests. etc.

Much appreciated! :)
ATCAB? what? Alfter I passed rsc I went to atr did my 12 weeks training

Whats ATCAB?

Best adivice I can give you is keep your head down work hard for 12 or 14 weeks. (hope you like ironing every night)
Ammunition Technician Careers Advisory Board...? Apparently its at Deepcut, recruiting Sergeant said there's a load of maths tests, interviews etc. Was hoping for some specifics?
You got do your basic training first, focus more on that. When you get to deepcut your be told when the next pre selection course is given time to revise maths is key yes but more of a menory game then anything.

Good Luck

(If I can find any thing more specific i post it here)
I take it that poet failed due to lack of good inglish!

ATCAB can be attended before or after Basic Training (depending on course dates etc.)
It consists of 2 days, prior to which a booklet will be sent to candidates which MUST be completed and is scored (it provides 1/3 of your overall ATCAB score).
Day 1 consists of visits around an Ammo Depot and the Army School of Ammunition and a marked Maths test.
Day 2 consists of Group discussions (not scored but preparation for AT Pre-Select), and an interview which is marked (again 1/3 of the total).

If you are successful at the ATCAB (i.e. are recommended by the board) you can go forward to the AT Pre-Select course, which is a three day assessment, success at which means you can start an AT course.

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