Just passed off the sqaure...any questions?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldier.a, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Hello again people. I'm back. :)

    Phewee...just passed off the square and am on my long weekend. It's been tough so far but not as bad as I thought it might be. Having access to Arrse was a real help I can tell you. Anyway as promised before I went if anyone has any questions they want answered then I will be happy to answer them for you. Bear in mind I'm only at the halfway mark so I can't answer very specific questions about what happens after that point from week 8 to 14.

    Anyway if you have questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.
  2. Nice one mate! Well done and enjoy your time off!
    So you get your long weekend after 7 weeks?
  3. What reg you going for?
  4. On average, how much PT work do you do a week and what does this consist of?

    And also, during the first 7 weeks, do you still get Saturday and Sunday off as rest days, even though your not allowed to leave camp?

    Thanks :)
  5. You do indeed. You pass off the square (A process which involves testing your drill in front of the CO and others of the ATR you are at and also answering a few questions) and you get to go home Wednesday afternoon to Sunday evening.

    Depending on whether or not you fail your drill test you may or may not get to go home. Personally I think they where just trying to scare the pants off us so we did really well but we where informed by our corporals that should we fail the drill test we wouldn't get our long weekend. I suspected this was crap but I went with it anyway. It's more likely you have to try again and again until you do pass, even if it cuts into your leave. Rest assured though you need to be phenomenally crap to fail. :)
  6. The PT is progressive. You will start with it say twice a week, then three times a week, I haven't had more than three sessions a week so far but that might change as I go through to week 8-14. Your activities during PT are also progressive. In our first PT session we had a game of 5-aside football. From there on in each lesson became a tutorial on things like circuits, cross country runs, the assault course, etc, etc. After a while you start doing PT for real. Circuits, cross country runs, etc. You won't hit the assault course proper until week 8 or 9.

    It's all progressive and they don't throw you in the deep end or expect you to run 8 miles straight away. In fact the furthest I have run so far at week 7 is three or four miles. If your worried about PT just make sure your upper body strength and aerobic fitness is good and you should be fine.

    An average week might be a circut session, a cross country run and maybe a gym agility session. After week 7 you will also be hitting the assault course and having march and shoot competitions and at some point your webbing and rifle will be added to the mix.

    Unless you happen to be going to Catterick where I understand they are more lenient about weekends, you do not get Saturdays and Sundays off as rest days. You will work part of Saturday (Including PT if it's scheduled) though it's not a full day. You will "usually" get the Sunday off however you can still work on Sundays if you need to. For example last Sunday we practised all day for the drill test.

    Bear in mind, up until week 7 (And probably even thereafter) the time you have to yourself of an evening and at the weekend isn't really your time. Almost every minute of it is spent on personal admin time, preparing for locker inspections and whatnot.

    Don't worry though, the first 7 weeks are hard work but the rewards are well worth it. ;-)
  7. How do you spell square?

    Edited to add: Nice one though, well done fella!
  8. where abouts are you mate? if its Pirbright, whats the accomodation like there? im off there next month and just wondering what to expect because i know its all newish.

    many thanks
  9. I'm at Bassingbourn. Yes the accommodation at Pirbright was all redone recently so your guaranteed to have better accommodation than I've had, though mine hasn't been to bad. Not that it's going to make much of a difference to your morning block jobs. ;-)
  10. don't i know it mate lol! did my basic in lichfield for the TA in february but now im going reg, have to do it all over again in pirbright
  11. hi im starting 27th of july..

    whats llike your typical day, as i know you have PT, drills etc and as you said thats not every day so what do you do for the rest of the day?

    just wondering whats like a traditional day layout?
  12. Well done so far mate, sounds like good fun. Im due at pirbright on monday, and was just wondering how hard the change from civvie to military was. Do your feet not touch the floor, or is it not as bad as its made out. Also i have a couple of kids, will i have much time to keep in contact with them. Thanks in advance for any reply, and congrats again. :D
  13. Just thought of something else, i passed selection with a run time of 11min 17 secs, Do you think i will find the phys really hard, or are there people there with that kinda run time. cheers
  14. There is no typical day. It varies too much. For example in the morning you could have PT, and then a classroom lesson on something. Then after lunch you might have drill followed by a rifle lesson. Or you could spend all day doing one particular thing. Or you might be out on a field exercise. Having said that you will get into something of a routine with it all.

    Classroom lessons are fun. Trying to stay awake is really hard because of sheer lack of sleep and the fact you usually go from a cold outside activity to a nice warm classroom. I personally guarantee that you will fall asleep during a lesson.

    It's hard to say really. How the change affects you depends on your character a lot. Some people find it hard, others find it easy. They won't start beasting you straight away as you need time to learn the army way of life but you do eventually reach a point where you will either learn quickly or get really good at doing press ups. The first week is boring as hell and their usually pretty lenient with you up to about the end of week two, after that you start getting punished for infractions.

    Top tips...make sure your clothes are well presented and all your buttons and zips are done up. Don't slouch or put your hands in your pockets. Refer to your training staff by their correct titles, e.g. Sargent (Don't ever abbreviate it to "Sarge" or your in the shit), Corporal, etc. Don't piss PTI's off (They can hurt you) and remember...it's "My rifle, my kit, myself" when it comes to admin, so square it all away before you do anything else.

    Oh and remember the three question rule before you ask a question so you don't end up asking a "bone" question and making yourself look like a tit.

    1. Do I already know the answer?
    2. Can I find the answer out myself by other means?
    3. Do I really need to know the answer and is it relevant to the current situation or topic?

    There are lots of people with that kind of run time. Depending on the PTI staff you have though you will be wanting to have that down to 10.30 or less by the time your PFT comes round at week 7. There was one lad who joined with us, he had a run time of 14 minutes something. Come his PFT at week 7 he had knocked 2 minutes off.

    Whether you find the PT hard is a personal matter, usually one of mind over body. You could be the fittest person in the world and still find it tough going. If your upper body strength is good you shouldn't have any major problems and your run time will drop for sure.
  15. Soldier.a what are you training to be at atr bassingbourne as ive just passed selection for the royal engineers and think it might be done at bassingbourne just wondering if you could shed some light on this? :D