Just Passed My B3 & Would Like Some Info On My Posting

Just passed my B3 this week and have been told my trade course start date and posting. Only problem is I dont know anything about my posting so just woundering if you lads could help me out.

Ive been given "15 Squadron". All my other mates have been told there units but ive just been told my squadron so im not sure where I will be based.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
Enjoy the extra £5 or so per day from being in NI. I think 38 are in a light role so no armoured stuff for you.
take a nostalgic trip out to Antrim to see Mass Bks sometime. i spent nearly 6 years in Province, enjoy it
15 Sqn are based in Ripon, part of 21 Engr Regt. They have recently returned from Afghan after completing the first Talisman tour. When you were given your posting, why didn't ask where 15 Sqn was. You get briefs all the time at 3 RSME, with access to lots of info.

Good Luck.
As of January 15 Sqn will be part of 36 Reg. But still based in Ripon. You don't want to go there unless you want to do 2 tours of Search (at least) on your posting there.
Young Blood.
Are you a black man or an Idian fighting warrior ?
Don't be shy, Gib Bks holds a wealth of info on what and where goes on in the CRE, ask them fecking instructors..

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