Just over 20 years ago....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wellyhead, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. .... there was a reality program that shaped the way we watched documentaries, it was called The Paras and followed the exploits of a group of Parachute Regt recruits in their quest to become Paratroopers. Over the weeks we got to know each person, cheered their success, cried at their failures, it was riveting viewing giving people an insight into a life few could dream off.

    20 years later I am watching a program about plumbers. Now I have nothing against plumbers, but overweight geezers drawing their breath over a leaky facet isn’t exactly death defying.

    What we having next ? OAP Pond tales ? When Chav’s collect their giros attack ?
  2. Bejaysus, that brings the memories flooding back! I can hear the theme tune now!

    Shows our age, they were doing their basic during the Falklands IIRC.

  3. Aye, they were. And it made that pile of shyte about Legion wannabes look quite tame if I remember rightly. I love the smell of wet puttees in the morning.
  4. Maybe they should to a '20 years later' reality show follow up :lol:
  5. now i'm an old fart i remeber this :cry:
  6. I rmember watching it whilst doing a careers class whilst at school, Fantastic stuff
  7. Do you also remember "Behind the Lines" (might not be correct title), a similar documentary about the RM M&AW Cadre?

    They did a follow up, to discover that several team members got nicked for planning a rather classy over-the-pavement armed blagging. Nice!

  8. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Memories!!! I had all the series on VIDEO. But my Father, being totally unwise, and in true ranker style, went with the Which? report of the day, and bought a bloody BETAMAX!!!!!!

    I know that I can get them copied to VHS, but I just can't be arrsed
  9. I watched that series doing trade training in Loughborough - Cpl Slater of the moustache and loud voice was so McNab tells us, killed in NI after transferring to the 'ooligans.
  10. they did a follow up a little later after they did their basic , with shots of them working in NI and other locations,
    yes ! i can still remember that opening tune BUT i don't know the name to it.

    agreed a follow up 20 years later would be a good idea, if you can find their cardboard box address in London .........
  11. I have that series on video. Interesting also to note a former Sgt Maj of mine was in it! Great laugh.
  12. A proud owner of the BBC book.

    Most universitys have copies of this series aparently for the sociologists to study aggressive males
  13. perhaps now is a good time to re-release with a follow up.
    it could help recruitment
  14. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Cpl Slater, was he the ginger ninja? I am sure that I saw him when I had the absolute pleasure of a posting to 'the home of the Brrrrritieeeesh Army in 86. He was driving a blue metalic celica or similar poor mans sports look-a-like, with reg that contained WAR - the nobber
  15. --Was only one robber featured in "Behind the lines",don't recall anyone else involved.The daft Brummie cnut was also nicked for a kidnapping after release.Other lads,professional lot.