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Just out Of Interest, Grandfathers WW2 Photos.

Just Thought I'd post these out of Interest to any WW2 Buffs or Royal Engineers interested in the history of their regiment.

These photos are the only ones we have of My Grandfather in uniform.

My Grandfather served in the Royal Engineers during WW2 in North Africa, Italy, Sicily and the Invasion of Europe.

Here he is with his unit (not sure what his specific Unit was) in Germany at the end of the war.....

He's kneeling front left, behind the guy with Glasses and another fella.
(Notice the Original Bridge destroyed by retreating Germans in the background) I'm not sure what River it is, (presumably the Rhine?) sadly my Grandfather has passed away now.

Here's my Grandfather and pal posing with German Prisoners...again, I'm not sure where this was taken.
if you mailed these to the RE museum , they would be able to help you out with units etc , very nice people there , with a vast wealth of knowledge about the corps.
Thanks for the photos Danvuk

I'd certainly like to see more of these sorts of shots on the forum.

They don't just have to be WW2 , WW1 or earlier. Anything up to and including the end of National Service would be good too.

They don't have to be restricted to Army either

Remembered showing the Aged P photos of us all in front of the Pyramids , he then got his albums out, and lo and behold, another bunch of squaddies in frpnt of Pyramids circa 1946 . No doubt British soldiers have used them as a backdrop since Lord knows when!

So post those photos!


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