Just one in three Scots want independence from Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, May 25, 2012.

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  1. It'll be a lot less than that when/if it actually happens and Salmond becomes the next tinpot dictator.
  2. Oh, another Jock bashing thread! Great...we haven't had one for at least an hour. The benefit junky, deep fried Mars Bar eating, smacked up, ginger ***** that they are coming here and stealing our taxes! They'll fackin' sink wifaht us! More jellied eels Muvva?

    And look...it even mentions that cahnt Sean Connery!... and if Scotland's so great why doesn't he fahkin' live there? Remember to get that bit in...I haven't heard it since oh, the last time round? Personally however, I'll be here on the edge of my chair waiting for the "I'm a proud Scot (they just have to say that don't they?), but I'm also British" Brigade to march on in with their 'El Duce' comments, which are as witty as **** let me tell you. I still haven't recovered from the cracked ribs that one caused my 3 weeks ago.

    A poll by Alistair Darling? In The Torygraph? On today, of all days? And you're 'aving it? Tell you what, whilst you're felling a bit open to suggestion...any of you lads fancy a Porsche 911 Targa for £20? Low miles and a full history...one careful lady owner? I'll even throw her in for free.

    Cor Blimey!
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  3. Today is the day Salmond starts his official "ramping up" of the Independence warhorse.

    He was at an exhibition on "alterntaive energy" on Tuesday a stones throw from where I work so we went along to hear him as we work in the oil and gas industry and are moving into renewables.

    Anyway...he gave a great long speech about how Scotland were the leaders in this technology, how the Scottish Government fully supported the industry and how "he" had set up a fund to help companies invest in Scotland. He announced that the fund, worth £18m would be available to anyone wanting to come to Scotland. In the Q&A session afterwards it turns out the fund has a "cap" per company of £50,000. The feeling afterwards was that £18m was peanuts, the £50k cap was rediculous and that the incentive to move to Scotland, especially with the "threat of Independence" was not worth the risk or effort.

    It should also be pointed out that Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire councils pushed out SNP control, despite the SNP having more votes by forming alliances between Lib Dem/Lab and Con and that most of the Highlands had SNP MSP's lose their seats...and they are now wanting the voting system "changed" as its too confusing...despite the SNP being the ones to change it in the first place to manipulate the system. Basically you had to put who you wanted as your first, second and third choice...so by fielding 2 SNP candidates in most areas, they hoped SNP supporters would choose the 2 candidates as first and second and thus get a majority. It back fired :)

    Hopefully thats the rot set in :)
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  4. A sad day for Scotland when Labour team up with Tories. Thats the rot set in.
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  5. Actually AB....I don't care whether the Scots want in or out..to be honest I'd prefer them out; lets settle alleigances once and for all.
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  6. Is there any chance of a link to what you claim was said? It would be interesting to read.
  7. Good man.
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  8. Can you actually differentiate between Labour and the Tories?
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  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I'm not sure why Darling or the 'graph are gloating. 30% is pretty good starting point if you're trying to persuade people of your argument in favour. They've got 2 years to persuade another 21% of their case. emminently possible
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Here's hoping that pushing up the price of Scotland's lifeblood will derail the campaign. Even if it only means that not enough people are pissed enough to vote for 'Independence'.
  11. Why, if you're so intent on this ridiculous stereotyping of the Scottish, do you want the SNP to fail? I'd have thought that you would have revelled in the possibility of Scots independence?

    I think that I know what it is. You don't really want us to go, do you? Shucks...we never knew that you cared?
  12. The comments about the possibly biased nature of the poll are quite correct. But it's still a fact that support for independence has been steady at around 30% since the 1930s.

    How do pro-independence Arrsers think Wee Alex could persuade another 20% to come and join him?
  13. Bribes, more bribes & lots & lots of disinformation. Worked for Labour in Scotland and Westminster for years!

  14. It's what they do best. Expect the 'Heil' to be in later this week with even lower figures and lots of 'Totally fucked off from Farnborough' type letters shouting about the 'West Lothian' question...and a little something from Rory the Shepherd from Orkney who claims that his dad owns the North Sea.

    As for the rest of your post, I couldn't agree more. I'd just like to know where Darling's figures came from. I never seem to meet the people that they poll...nor read any advertising for these polls. Do these polls actually exist?
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