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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ex-dvr1, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. If you could make just one change that would make your service life better, what would it be?

    This can apply to us ex's as well from our days "in"..but let's have the reason on the change as well, not just a straight winge session.

    My service covered most of the 70's and 80's. the thing i would have changed was the series of redundancies. As this to me was the start of the Army not having good leaders especially in the Non-commissioned ranks. As the 15-20 year cpl's all took the money and left a couple of years later all the Snco's time was up and it started the accelerated promotion, too many people (not all bad) who were promoted too quickly to ranks that they couldn't handle..
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  2. Just one change? OK, here’s mine, Posting times. I would change them to coincide with the school exam timings as service children can often miss out being posted between terms, it wouldn’t take much to change this but trying to get them changed your self can be impossible some times.
  3. Can I suggest a change for you BFPO?......stop fukcing whining.
  4. So let's get this right. The whole world would have to work around you because you've got kids? How selfish do you really want to get?
  5. Change? Reckon I would have got something like this site up a lot damn earlier and made EVERYBODY read it as part of their ITDs. Those who move and shake need to be told somehow.....
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Yeah right BFPO - lets have every single Serviceman and woman from all 3 Services all moving at the same time so as to coincide with little Jonnie's school hols. Perhaps we should also plan our operations so you can be home in time to watch EastEnders as well. Come on mate - get REAL, things just aint that simple are they.
  7. Change just one thing in my time in the Army? Mmmmm, I would say, my sex. I'd change my sex from male to female. Then I'd spend all day playing with my tits.

    And welcome back Dvr ! Thought we lost you to the darkside.
  8. You did lose me, for a while but the force is strong!! :D
  9. Wanna play with my tits?
  10. Got my own ta- but thanks for the offer.
  11. Yeah, but do you play with them...........and would you let me if I asked nicely? 8)
  12. Of course - but I thought we had decided Mrs Sanchez wouldn't be too happy???
  13. I'll not tell if you don't :wink:
  14. You're on!!
  15. Shit! You were easy! :lol: