Just one chance to get it right

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. OK - suppose that for one day you were PM, Sec State Defence, Home Secretary or Foreign Secretary and had ability to propose and introduce one new piece of legislation guaranteed to be passed. what would that proposal be?
  2. It's topical - only English and Welsh MPs can vote on matters that affect England and Wales - all the Jock MPs can fcuk off!
  3. Casual Friday in HM Forces inc ops and cerimonial (can you see the airborne brotherhood chasing afgans in their jeans, desert wellies and maroon t shirts........)
  4. Damn! So many to choose from! :judge: Has to be Home Sec., and I would bring that 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' speech to hard reality by introduction sentences in comparison to duration given in the US.
  5. Caravans to be restricted to traveling between the hours of 0100-0500 only.
  6. Mong baiting to be legalised.
  7. 100% ban on fat people, uglies, blokes with beards (chicks with beards too I suppose if I want to be completely EO-friendly) and anyone who walks too slowly. And those fcuking harpies who work next to me in an open-plan office and do not ever stop rattling.
  8. Introduction of corporal punishment.

    Any debate about capital punishment gets bogged down in the same worn old arguments. Simplify it by saying flog 'em (preferably to within an inch of their lives).

    Heard (second-hand granted) about old practice in the Isle of Man before Euro-woofters banned it. Apparently the miscreant was told to report to the police station at a certain time. Tradition had the youngest peeler cut the birch and the biggest use it on the guilty tike.

    Unleash the birch trees of Britain on ASBO-type chav vermin!
  9. I would introduce legislation giving a sentence of life, with a minimum tarrif of 20 years, for any type of sexually motivated crime against children. That includes the non active nonce cases who ply thier evil on the internet. Collecting photo's and video's raises the demand for their filth - their as guilty as the person who took the photo.

    I know sex crime in general needs to be sorted, but if i can only have one law passed, i'll protect the kids.
  10. 12.5mm please; thanks to Europe we use SI units in place of the obsolete fps units [and who remembers the foot-poundal]?

    Any stroppy bad mouthed chavs to be dyed blue and flogged. ["Fifty lashes of the whip Mr Christian." "But the man's dead Sir!" "Fifty lashes Mr Christian!"].

    Chop hands off for theiving, b*ll*cks off for rape and throw paedos to the women for sorting out.

    Long drop for all other serious offences.
  11. I agree boney but there would seem to be little chance of that - see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/916179.stm and http://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/news/2000/05may/000512str.shtml

    As far as I know, Straw is still being protected :frustrated:
  12. Life sentence adjusted to be "rest of natural" no possibility of parole, you will die in clink.
  13. Umm its a toughy too many laws to make, and too many laws to irradicate :D

    But I'll announce this law,

    The reintroduction of stocks and public whippings for all those considered Hippies,
    Greenies, Animal Libs, and the new phenomenon of chavs :eek:
  14. All caravans banned - fullstop. (I suppose static/permanent ones wont do much harm)

    This way you can clear the roads of wnakers during public holidays AND have grounds to lock up pikeys.
  15. Pikey's to be branded as Vermin, and therefore legal to hunt on land you own permission to shoot on.

    (I used to have permission to shoot on a site I worked on, as a securtiy guard, and that always had a Pikey infestation)