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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Biscuits_Brown, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. My D200 died on me on Friday, could be water damage as it was raining torrentially, but it's been behaving bizarrely for a while so it might just have been my years of tender-loving abuse.

    Need a Nikon. Prefer a D200 or D300 (well actually I'd prefer a D3 or a D700 but I'm skint) if anyone has one they've upgraded from or no longer use at the lower end of the second hand value market...

    PM me.

    Checking E-Bay etc. regularly but just thought I'd ask.
  2. Is it covered on your house insurance?
  3. It never occurred to me, and on the basis that if I didn't ask them about cameras and pay extra for the cameras I asked them about.. No.

    Might be worth calling them on the off chance though. They can only say no.
  4. Read the policy before asking, you may need to be a bit creative.
  5. Don't pay extra for the D300s unless you want to use it for video. No other difference between it and the D300.

  6. Aye, thanks.. I'd figured that, quite a bit extra for it too.

    I'll have a look at my policy and see what the odds are.
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  7. Advice from the Emperor Mong: Dry it off in the microwave. Job jobbed!
  8. Last time I took a camera (Sony) in for repair the Sony agent wanted £50 non returnable deposit, kept it for a week and told me it would cost another £90. Foxtrot Oscar said I.
  9. No, the D300 and the D300s. At the end of the D300s there's an 's' and at the end of the D300 there isn't.

    If you're still having difficulty with that I could go through it again.
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  10. Loved my D300, but D300s does have the Exif image processor, which does make a difference. You can pick up a second hand d3100 for little money - it's not got anything like the body and speed of the d300, but the images are fantastic.
  11. insurance job - then buy a Canon!

  12. Because I know that it's had six years of abuse and isn't worth spending a fiver on let alone the legalised extortion that passes for the camera repair business.
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  13. Noooo! Canons are fine bits of kit, and take lovely pictures, but to my mind ergonomically they are a long way short of Nikons.
  14. It's a camera not a chair! The buttons are in a different place and 'some' of the menu items are different, you just get used to one system or the other and buy into it (normally due to a lens preference or a pricing decision made early on.) I love my 5D and my 50D physically they are two slightly different cameras that I use for two different purposes both of which I alter setting or function in the blink of an eye, but the quality of their images and the ease with which I can use them are not the reason I wouldn't swap systems, £8k of lenses plus Canon remotes and flashes is the reason!