just moved to germany and over 37

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by scots_guards_sgt, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. I’ve just moved to Germany unaccompanied having just bought a house with my wife in Lancashire, I’m going to settle down after the 22 in a couple of years. I’m over 37, is there anything I can claim for, clerks just say I’ve got to ask….???? :frustrated:
  2. Over 37 package??
  3. Yeh, thats a start, is there any travel entitlements i.e warrants, air travel so i can visit the ball and chain and put the odd shelf up or paint the garage door
  4. Since you ask, you are entitled to the Over 37 package which allows for you to have no accommodation/ciloct charges and only pay food mu charges.

    You can also currently opt for the OLTS (leave travel scheme), as a married unaccompanied guy you can get option 1 which allows for you to have upto 1200miles (€300) given back to you for a journey back to the UK. This does not have to be a journey by car and could be used to re-imburse you for the costs of a flight (after doing the journey).

    If you had only spoken to one of the decent AGC staff in your unit, they could have told you this. after all, I'm with the SG.
  5. I'm at JHQ. Thanx for the advice...
  6. No probs, always easier to ring us up in Munster for a decent answer. Off to the mess tomorrow for happy hour(sssssssssss)!!