Just missed this auction for a British Ma Deuce

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Cheap. That one appears to be in very nice condition as well. Condolences on missing it.
  2. OOooooooh, shiny!
  3. JJ, do you ever get any United Defense M42 submachine guns up for sale? I think they're bloody lovely firearms. I'd actually consider moving to your side of the pond for a chance to own one of those bad boys!
  4. Very frustrating--I was shooting at the time so at least I had a good excuse.

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  5. Have Mk2, Mk3, Mk4, L4A4 & L4A6. I really appreciate the ability to swap mags between the L4's and my L1A1 and my L2A1.

    Still looking for the right Mk1 and other L4 variants...
  6. I'll hunt you down when I'm in Oregon later in the year.
  7. That doesn't sound at all menacing!
  8. Despite not being very gun orientated, you make it very hard to like you. Not that I'm jealous or anything.
  9. I'll have to go back to my acting coach. I was going for 'menacing but desperate', throwing in a hint of 'stalker', with the implied undertone of being able to supply my own ammo.
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  10. Effendi >

    Ok... but I would currently be in Washington, and the majority of my gear would be located elsewhere, where the state laws are less repressive.

    Chef >

    My opportunity to show all of my equipment the love and attention it deserves is limited by time and distance, and the requirement to earn large amounts to support my expensive whisky and weapons addiction. No need to be so jealous.
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  11. I have some people I know who work in Cali. but keep their toys in AZ. so I appreciate your own personal logistics problem. Don't worry "I was messing with your mind", whilst I will probably visit Oregon I will not get the time (its a family visit) to get to WA. even though I have a long standing invite from a couple of former military chappies up there.
  12. Well come on down to "jawjuh"--we can have just about anything we want given the right paperwork. ;-) The state association of sheriffs (they are the chief law enforcement officers in each of our 159 counties) said this last week:

  13. There's a 1944 Lee Enfield No4(T) complete with scope etc etc on there for a (mere) $7000). To be fair, it does include shipping and tax!