Just me?

M25 Samaritan falls in 20ft hole
A driver who stopped to help another motorist whose car crashed on the M25 had to be rescued by firefighters when he fell down a 20ft hole in a field.
Sorry, but I don't get the connection to the wine bar.
I was stuck in the tailback that this caused this morning. Don't feel so bad now I know there was a comedy moment involved as well.

Picture the scene as the man parks up, leaps out of his car and runs across the field shouting, 'Don't worry, I'm on my wayyyaaghhhhh...'

I was thinking of the potentially injured-trapped-in-twisted-wreckage in the first car going 'thank God, someone's coming at last......where the feck did he go?'

T-T it's the classic falling over/disappearing through the bar bit from Fools & Horses. People falling over/down things - some things are always funny!