Just me or is the Clothing Store always shut?


Wouldn't it be great if everything in the Army was only available for 2 hours a day on Tuesday and Thursday only? Am I just getting cr*p units or are all clothing stores never open. Even on OP tour they were only open for a couple a hours a day, every other day; They never have anything you need in the right size anyway? Then seem to close every month for a week a so for some sort of inspection.
Got any brigade flashes? No
OK I'll just go pay silly money then in the PRI so i don't get AGAI 67/JSP whatever action by some tw*t who hasn't got the boll*cks to stand up for his guys and make sure they get issued what they should.
End of rant:
The LI on telic 3 had a great clothing store. mind you the entre QM's were outstanding chaps who were always out to help and not say boooooooooger awf.
I got a new pair dessie boots as the magnum amazons were too soft no problem at all.

certain QM's Cpl exGordon on the other hand was complete opposite mind you he was a nice chap when it came to the toenails factor.
Try the cob now its got nowt there ordering nowt you'll have to make do!!
What for four more months at least and the blokes have got there arrses falling out of their trousers


You are failing to understand that it is called the Clothing Store because it is where clothing is stored. If there were any intention to let you have the goods stored within it, it would be called the Clothing For Issue Store.

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