Just made my first posting in the Arses Forum

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Moonraker1, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys I didn't know there was a Sappers forum so I've just copied and pasted here my posting on the other thread.

    OK guys I've been lurking for months now and enjoyed all yer prattle so decided to post. I don't know if its normal to introduce myself but thought it might help me to settle the nerves.
    Don't want to be known as a Walt (Its taken me weeks to work out what that was). Anyway in for a penny 'cause theres no pounds to spare.
    I did do a little time in the army but not a lot. Got called up as a National serviceman and then enlisted for 3 years because the money was better and I could choose what I wanted to go in. I wanted to be a gentleman of the Royal Engineers and National servicemen got put anywhere so it was worth it. I served King and country (Yes there was a king on the throne then but only for a short time then HM the Queen took over.) After the statatury 16 weeks sapper training I was posted to Minden in Germany and then for a while to Berlin. In Berlin we were holding back the Bolshevic Whores. So thats my short sharp history don't bollock me for coming all over unnessesary cause I can get pissed off with the best of em. Good to be amonst friends ..............I hope.
  2. Welcome aboard Moonraker, as you will see from the banter in the Sapper forum, nothing has changed from the days when you served.

    Once a Sapper always a Sapper.


  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Hi there, I'm not a sapper and more of a wannabe than a walt, but I don't think from what you've written you appear at all waltish. If you added you were 9th Ind. seconded to THEM and practiced demolitions insurgency in the East popping deep into the DDR, then perhaps ;) ...but you didn't.

    Not that its my place to welcome you...but...welcome.
  4. Welcome, nice wankie fist avatar.
  5. Welcome Moonraker.
  6. Welcome Moonraker, this merry bunch of ........well whatever they are supposed to be will show you that bouts of sanity are transient in nature. :lol:

  7. I too welcome you. it's nice having someone older than me on here. :D
  8. What! Sappers, sane? :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  9. I am, i know i am.
  10. You are what, Older or Sane?? :?
  11. I do believe a Sappers sanity is remover with the first haircut in basic. Welcome Moonraker :wink:
  12. ....Welcome Moonraker1..........its a pleasure to have you here.

    You have'nt met Knocker yet! He's AWAY for a wee while.....

    All the best to you ALL out there.
  13. Welcome and enjoy
  14. Welome moonraker, any Old sappers are always welcome, have you also registered with oldengineers.co.uk????
  15. Welcome aboard Moonraker

    Thank fuk I'm not the oldest noo