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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. Hello all.... hope to spend a bit of time on here in the future as I have been banned from the pink mafia forums :D
  2. Pink mafia?
  3. Gay Bar in Birkenhead.
  4. Pink mafia? 8O Are they like a heterosexual version of the QA?
  5. I believe the Pink Mafia are quite active in Mid Wales; Aberystwyth to be precise. Officially the gayest place in Wales.

    A friend was thrown in to the Irish sea wearing concrete boots. A smashing pair of fur lined, leopard print concrete boots mind you.

    The Pink Mafia are no joke; there's lovely boyo.

    Yours in submersion

    Mrs Beaton
  6. Does he mean the Pinks Mafia?

    If it's shirts you are looking for I prefer Hilditch and Key.

    Ask around in the Offrs Mess and someone will help out old boy.
  7. Sorry to be ignorant on the subject, but are we talking about a gay gang? As in a group of homo gangbangers?
  8. Yank60 - who can say.....

    I thought Pinks was a middle market shirt makers but you could just be right - it may be a front for a man-on-man hot group love ring.

    In fact I was in there last week getting some cufflinks, perhaps the assistant lingered too long over my change....?

    We'll have to wait for this double cuff, no pocket shirt wearing potential nonce stranger to re-appear and explain himself.
  9. I ran it through Google, and found a female college student's blog. She calls herself Little Pink Mafia or something like that. And I came up with a site that featured graffiti. I also came up with something to do with GLAAD. That's a gay rights organization. So yes, I'm bored with too much time on my hands. :oops:
  10. ha ha ha... I said hello and no one replied soon as I mention the "Pink Mafia" people start talking lol...
  11. dan ma man lol nice wind up welcome to arrse
  12. Come on DiscoDan, Yank 60 has already done the leg work on this and you are obviously a US female college student with a fixation on the Kings Regt - are you also a fan of Oasis and is this where your interest began in all things Manc?
  13. Oswestry is supposed to be the lesbian capital in britain. They are known as Offa's dykes! Sorry!
  14. How dare you, how dare you!!! lol, I wouldnt give a manc the steam off me sh1t... All things Scouse my friend all things scouse lol

    As for kings fixation ex-kingo and yes it is a Liverpool and manchester regt... but you learn to tollerate them :D
  15. Do you steal from each other or just from the rest of us?