"Just lie back in the chair Signor Berlusconi"

Would you? (vote for her that is)

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  • Sorry, what was the question? I was distracted by the legs...

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Dear Mr TT

In the interests of group democracy and finding synergy with our Italian cousins, can you pop a poll on the top of this thread to ascertain how many of our discerning fellow Arrsers would (also) vote for her?

If we have any gainsayers, we know the liberals have got their way and the yomosexuals are thriving in our community.

With respect, regard and relish.

Good idea, 'tis done. :)

Cue the jokes about fillings etc.
vvaannmmaann said:
Is she qualified for the job?
She is for the one I had in mind... and she can wear her work gear too to start with... :twisted:
We have a poll, but where's the option for "'til it catches fire"?
Love the sign in the background, no smoking. She's so hot she could cause a fire storm.

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